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Analysis of sensory, cognitive and affective factors of food/non-food preferences. (APVV-17-0354)20182022General callsV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Comparative perception study of Slovak and Western Balcan sensory assessors potencial. (SK-SRB-2016-0008)20172018Bilateral cooperationV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Developing higher educatioN through establishing heAlth training center for transferring microarray Technology20182021Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Development and application of chocolate production methodology and evaluation of its technological parameters and nutritional quality (05-GA SPU-16 )20162018GA SPUE. IvanišováDTQPP FBFS
Development and optimalisation of a functional food based on edible gel for the target group of seniors. (APVV-18-0118)20192023General callsV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Development and optimization of functional food based on edible gel for seniors.2020--General callsV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Food neophobias and its quantification by sensory analysis and consumer neuroscience methods. (1/0088/20)20202022VEGAV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Food Quality and Consumer Studies (2014-1-SK01-KA203-000464)20142017Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsE. HorskáDMT FEM
Impact of sensory, cognitive, affective and external environmental factors on food preferences. (APVV-16-0187)20172021General callsV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Innovation in education in subjects focusing on storage and processing of plant products (044SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAJ. MarečekDTQPP FBFS
Innovation of food evaluation based subjects of Problem/Project Oriented lectures. ( 045SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Innovative utilisation of by-products from the grapes in stabilizing and clarification of wine and soft drinks (APVV-15-0315)20162021General callsP. CzakoDTQPP FBFS
Inovácie pekárskych výrobkov s cieľom zvýšiť ich nutričnú hodnotu a atraktivitu pre konzumenta. (05-GASPU-2018)20192020GA SPUM. TokárDTQPP FBFS
Integrácia študijného programu Agropotravinárstvo v kontexte problematiky skladovania a spracovania rastlinných produktov a praxe (034SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAJ. MarečekDTQPP FBFS
Nutritional and hygienic quality of coffee and cocoa beans (SK-PL-18-0034)20192020Bilateral cooperationE. IvanišováDTQPP FBFS
Preparing of School Book Storage and Processing Plant Raw Materials and Foodstuffs (038SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAJ. MarečekDTQPP FBFS
Qualitative factors affecting the production and consumption of milk and cheese. (APVV-16-0244)20172020General callsĽ. NagyováDMT FEM
Research and optimization of technology for the production of foods with added value (APVV-14-0460)20152019General callsT. BojňanskáDTQPP FBFS
Reshaping Food Quality Assessment in Central Asian Countries20172020Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Reshaping of food evaluation based subjects to Problem/Project Oriented Teaching lectures. (003SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Technology of foodstuffs of plant origin - Creation of academic textbook (034SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAJ. MarečekDTQPP FBFS
The Use of Grape Pomace in Baking and Brewing (1/0282/19)20192021VEGAM. TokárDTQPP FBFS
Transformation of study program Safety and food control in to English language20132015KEGAH. FrančákováDTQPP FBFS
Transformation of the study program Food Safety and Control into English (032SPU-4/2013)20132014KEGAH. FrančákováDTQPP FBFS
Tvorba inovatívnych študijných materiálov z problematiky skladovania a spracovania surovín a potravín rastlinného pôvodu pre študijný program Agropotravinárstvo a prax (037SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAJ. MarečekDTQPP FBFS
Validation of food products development by sensory analysis and artificial perception instruments. (1/0280/17)20172019VEGAV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS
Verification of the reliability of marginal sensory methods as compared to modern instrumental sensory methods during the food development process. (1/0374/16)20172017VEGAV. VietorisDTQPP FBFS

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