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Baltic University Programme19952017= neznámý =A. FehérCIP FESRD
CASIA-geographical window-Lot9 Central Asia (194139-EM-1-2010-1-NL-ERA Mundus-EMA21)20102017Erasmus MundusL. SchwarczováCIP FESRD
Evaluation of the CAP measures contributing to the general objectives (AGRI-2016-EVAL-03)20172019EC Tender (Tender Európskej komisie)Z. BohátováCIP FESRD
Examining Social and Economic Transformations Affecting Rural People and Communities in ex-Socialist Central & Eastern Europe since the Regime Changes Occurring around 199020132014Small GrantsA. BandlerováCIP FESRD
Food, health and law20152015Jean MonetP. SchwarczCIP FESRD
Higher Education Structures to Enhance Public Health Learning and Teaching in the Republic of Uzbekistan (2013-4621/001-001)20132017TempusP. MassanyiCIP FESRD
Model development for faster response of high education institutions towards market needs20162019Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaE. MarišováCIP FESRD
New European Standards in the Context of Reformed EU Common Agricultural Policy20122015Leonardo da VinciP. SchwarczCIP FESRD
Reform and modernization of agronomy curriculum to enhance the sustainable development and Food production of Western Balkan rural areas20162016Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaA. BandlerováCIP FESRD
Short Food Supply Chains and their Role in Development of Rural Areas in V4 Countries (21810395)20182019Standard GrantsN. FlorišCIP FESRD
Strenghtening the Vocational Skills of Professionals in the Area of International Projects Management20132013Leonardo da VinciA. BandlerováCIP FESRD
Support of Practical Skills Improvement and Qualifications Recognition within Vocational Education and Training in Agricultural Sector20132015Leonardo da VinciN. FlorišCIP FESRD
Sustainable land management network (564651-EPP-1-2015-1-SK- EPPJMO-NETWORK)20152018Jean MonetA. BandlerováCIP FESRD
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Short Food Supply Chains in Higher Education (2018-1-PL01-KA203-050664)20182020Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsN. FlorišCIP FESRD
Training of Individuals through Mobility from Uzbek Republic to EU (545730-EM-1-2013-1-NL-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21)20132018Erasmus MundusN. FlorišCIP FESRD
Úloha ekologického poľnohospodárstva v rozvoji vidieka vo vybraných regiónoch Slovenska (1/0232/11)20112012VEGAL. SchwarczováCIP FESRD

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