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HLAVÁČOVÁ, Z. -- ARDONOVÁ, V. -- HLAVÁČ, P. -- IVANIŠOVÁ, E. Electrical properties of value-added chocolate. In BioPhys Spring 2020. Praha: Czech University of Life Sciences, 2020, p. 28. ISBN 978-83-89969-64-4 (brož.).

Original name: Electrical properties of value-added chocolate
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Department of Physics
Department of Technology and Quality of Plant Products
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article in a proceedings
Collection: BioPhys Spring 2020
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Up to page: 28
Number of pages: 1
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Original language: English
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AFG Abstrakty príspevkov zo zahraničných konferencií
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slovak: elektrické vlastnosti, reologické vlastnosti, čokoláda
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BioPhys Spring 2020. Praha: Czech University of Life Sciences, 2020. ISBN 978-83-89969-64-4 (brož.).

Original name: BioPhys Spring 2020
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Kind of publication:
conference proceedings
978-83-89969-64-4 (brož.)
Czech University of Life Sciences
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