Chancellor and Rector´s Office (R R) - telephone directory

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The office phone code for Chancellor and Rector´s Office is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Božiková Anna, Ing.head of department, rektorát - adm.centrum
Šufliarska Mária, Ing.rektorát - adm.centrum+421 37 641
Beňo Petervodič+421 37 641
Domianová Karin, Ing.rektorát - adm.centrum+421 37 641
Imreová Andrearemeselník+421 37 641
Ligačová Annaremeselník+421 37 641
Mišurová Klaudiaremeselník+421 37 641
Zach Hana, Ing., PhD.rektorát - adm.centrum+421 37 641

Other phone numbers

Other phone numbers are the phone numbers belonging to Chancellor and Rector´s Office.

Zasadačka rektora+421 37 641 5011Phone

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