Department of Human Nutrition (FAaFR) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Viera Duchoňováodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_2_34+421 37 641 4880duchonova [at]
Ing. Katarína Fatrcová Šramková, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_33+421 37 641 4324fatrcovasram [at]
Ing. Martina Gažarová, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_40+421 37 641 4210martina.gazarova [at], martina.gazarova [at]
doc. Ing. Marta Habánová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.AA_2_31+421 37 641 4467Marta.Habanova [at]
MUDr. Peter Chlebo, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_35+421 37 641 4883peter.chlebo [at], peter.chlebo [at]
Alžbeta KaraszováupratovačkaAA_2_33karaszova [at]
Ing. Jana Kopčeková, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_32+421 37 641 4249jana.kopcekova [at]
Ing. Petra Lenártová, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_38+421 37 641 4246xkubicova [at]
RNDr. Jana Mrázová, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_22+421 37 641 4223Jana.Mrazova [at]
Ing. Marianna Schwarzová, PhD.VŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AA_2_30+421 37 641 4886Marianna.Schwarzova [at]

External staff

MUDr. Peter Minárik, PhD.external colleagueqminarikp [at]