Faculty of Economics and Management - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Milan AdamecDL FEMlecturerAE_5_505+421 37 641 4517milan.adamec [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Izabela Adamičková, PhD.DE FEM, DOFEM FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD., odb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAE_7_8+421 37 641 4581izabela.adamickova [at] uniag.sk
Marcela AntalováDL FEMupratovačkamarcela.antalova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Bajusová, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_8_22+421 37 641 4527zuzana.bajusova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Adriána Bakošová, MBADOFEM FEMVŠ II.stupeň+421 37 641 5000adriana.bakosova [at] uniag.sk
Veronika BakošováDOFEM FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 5511veronika.bakosova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Janka BalážiováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_109+421 37 641 5270janka.balaziova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Janka BánskaDE FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAE_8_20+421 37 641 4574janka.banska [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Helena Baraníková, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_117+421 37 641 4632helena.baranikova [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Pavol BarátDSS FEMlecturerSlPK_0_12+421 37 641 4753pavol.barat [at] uniag.sk
Erika BárczyováDE FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 4574erika.barczyova1 [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ľubica Bartová, CSc.DSaOR FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_1_127+421 37 641 4147lubica.bartova [at] uniag.sk
Diana BencováDL FEMrektorát - adm.ost.pracoviskáAE_5_502+421 37 641 4556diana.bencova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Renáta Benda Prokeinová, PhD.DSaOR FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_125+421 37 641 4154renata.prokeinova [at] uniag.sk
Alžbeta BeneováDM FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 4163alzbeta.beneova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Ing. Ondrej Beňuš, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_8_26+421 37 641 4583ondrej.benus [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jakub Berčík, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_309+421 376 414 145jakub.bercik [at] uniag.sk
Gabriela BernáthováDOFEM FEMremeselníkAS_1_102+421 37 641 5155gabriela.bernathova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Bieleková, PhD.DEP FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_0_04+421 37 641 5891eva.bielekova [at] uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Peter Bielik, PhD.DE FEM, DOFEM FEModb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem IT, professor CSc./PhD.AE_7_1+421 37 641 4579, +421 37 641 4591peter.bielik [at] uniag.sk
Zita BírováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_108+421 37 641 5125zita.birova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Andrea Boháčiková, PhD.DF FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_318+421 37 641 4195andrea.bohacikova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Bojňanský, PhD.DA FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_224+421 37 641 4199jozef.bojnansky [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Borbélyová, PhD.DOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_106+421 37 641 5896maria.borbelyova [at] uniag.sk
Iveta BradáčováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_113+421 37 641 5177iveta.bradacova [at] uniag.sk
Margita BujnáDOFEM FEMstrážnik / vrátnikAS_0_31a+421 37 641 4002margita.bujna [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Petra ČančováDL FEMassociate lecturerAE_5_507+421 37 641 4546petra.cancova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eleonóra Černáková, PhD.CPPC FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_15+421 37 641 4759eleonora.cernakova [at] uniag.sk
Dagmar ČitáryováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_113+421 37 641 5177dagmar.citaryova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan DobákDOFEM FEMVŠ II.stupeňAS_1_105+421 37 641 4187dusan.dobak [at] uniag.sk
JUDr. Mária DobišováDMan FEMlecturerAS_2_204+421 37 641 4131maria.dobisova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ľudmila Dobošová, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_8_23+421 37 641 4584ludmila.dobosova [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Janka Drábeková, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_111+421 37 641 4633janka.drabekova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Peter Fandel, CSc.DSaOR FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_132+421 37 641 4176peter.fandel [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Mária Farkašová, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_113+421 37 641 4631maria.farkasova [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Irena FelixováDL FEMlecturerAE_5_505+421 37 641 4550irena.felixova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Alexandra Ferenczi Vaňová, PhD.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_222+421 37 641 4157alexandra.vanova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Alexandra Filová, PhD.DMan FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_210+421 37 641 4160alexandra.filova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Mária Fördösová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_504+421 37 641 4543maria.fordosova [at] uniag.sk
Bc. Michaela FrankováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_102+421 37 641 5155michaela.frankova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Gálová, PhD.CREP FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_318+421 37 641 4126jana.galova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Stanislava Gálová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_4_404+421 37 641 4542stanislava.galova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Galina GerhátováDI FEMVŠ II.stupeňAS_2_212+421 37 641 4143galina.gerhatova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Radka GrňováCIT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - ITAS_0_1+421 37 641 4890radka.grnova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ľubomír Gurčík, CSc.DE FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AE_8_19+421 37 641 4595lubomir.gurcik [at] uniag.sk
Ružena HaladejováCIT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - ITAS_0_6+421 37 641 4812ruzena.haladejova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marcela Hallová, PhD.DI FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_215+421 37 641 4137marcela.hallova [at] uniag.sk
Zuzana HamarováDL FEMupratovačkazuzana.hamarova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Mária Hambálková, CSc.DMT FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_3_303+421 37 641 4144maria.hambalkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Hanová, PhD.DSaOR FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_125+421 37 641 4158martina.hanova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Petra HargašováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_106+421 37 641 5511petra.hargasova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Klára Hennyeyová, CSc.DI FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_211+421 37 641 4198klara.hennyeyova [at] uniag.sk
Alena HlinkováDSaOR FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAS_1_121+421 37 641 4190alena.hlinkova [at] uniag.sk
Milada HlinkováDMan FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAS_2_200+421 37 641 4138milada.hlinkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Holienčinová, PhD.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_311+421 376 414 171maria.holiencinova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ivan Holúbek, PhD.DF FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.+421 37 641 4146ivan.holubek [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Andrea Holúbeková, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_503+421 37 641 4557andrea.holubekova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Radomíra Hornyák Gregáňová, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_116+421 37 641 4180radomira.greganova [at] uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Dr. Ing. Elena HorskáFEM, DMT FEMprofessor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAS_3_304, AS_1_106+421 37 641 5179, +421 37 641 4167elena.horska [at] uniag.sk
Iveta HorváthováDA FEMupratovačkaAS_2_220+421 37 641 4194iveta.horvathova [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Jarmila Horváthová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_4_405+421 37 641 4544jarmila.horvathova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Marián Hosťovecký, PhD.DI FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_213+421 37 641 4132marian.hostovecky [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Elena Hošková, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_6+421 37 641 4575elena.hoskova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Veronika Hrdá, PhD.DMan FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_210+421 37 641 4160veronika.hrda [at] uniag.sk
prof.h.c. doc. Ing. Monika Hudáková, MBA, PhD.DMan FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_205+421 376 414 135monika.hudakova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Daniela Hupková, PhD.DE FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AE_7_4+421 37 641 4580daniela.hupkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Tatiana IvankováDM FEMVŠ II.stupeňAS_1_112+421 37 641 4163tatiana.ivankova [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Johana Jakabovičová, M.A., PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_4_405+421 37 641 4545johana.jakabovicova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Bc. Zuzana Juríčková, PhD.DMan FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_209+421 376 414 169zuzana.jurickova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zdenka Kádeková, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_311+421 37 641 4171zdenka.kadekova [at] uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. doc. Ing. Mária Kadlečíková, CSc.DMan FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_202+421 37 641 4192maria.kadlecikova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Elena KaliarikováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_109+421 37 641 5172elena.kaliarikova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Zuzana Kapsdorferová, PhD.DMan FEM, FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAS_1_105, AS_2_204+421 37 641 4131, +421 37 641 5123zuzana.kapsdorferova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Kapustová, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_9+421 37 641 4592zuzana.kapustova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Norbert Kecskés, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_110+421 37 641 4634norbert.kecskes [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Katarína KlimentováDL FEMlecturerAE_5_503+421 37 641 4557katarina.klimentova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Marián Kočner, PhD.DA FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_221+421 37 641 4151marian.kocner [at] uniag.sk
Magdaléna KondeováDOFEM FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 5511magdalena.kondeova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Iveta Košovská, PhD.FEM, DA FEMdekanát - centrum, lecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_229+421 37 641 4116iveta.kosovska [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Kozáková, PhD.DMan FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_302+421 37 641 4130jana.kozakova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta Krajčírová, PhD.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_222+421 37 641 4157, +421 37 641 5840renata.krajcirova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľubica Kubicová, PhD.DMT FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_3_301+421 37 641 4165lubica.kubicova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Milan Kučera, CSc.DA FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_225+421 37 641 4191milan.kucera [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Ladvenicová, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_8_25+421 37 641 4594jana.ladvenicova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Drahoslav Lančarič, PhD.DMan FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_208+421 37 641 5558, +421 37 641 4168drahoslav.lancaric [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Anna Látečková, PhD.DA FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_223+421 37 641 4149anna.lateckova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Magdaléna Laurová, CSc.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_5+421 37 641 4572magdalena.laurova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ema Lazorčáková, PhD.DEP FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_0_04+421 37 641 5898ema.lazorcakova [at] uniag.sk
Edita LehockáDF FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAS_2_218+421 37 641 4854edita.lehocka [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Lušňáková, PhD.DMan FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_209+421 37 641 4169zuzana.lusnakova [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Ľudmila Maďarová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_4_406+421 37 641 4558ludmila.madarova [at] uniag.sk
Silvia MányiováDMT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAS_3_307+421 37 641 4188silvia.manyiova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Matejková, PhD.DSaOR FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_128+421 37 641 4148eva.matejkova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Eva Matušeková, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_506+421 37 641 4553eva.matusekova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Vladimír Matušek, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_110+421 37 641 4634vladimir.matusek [at] uniag.sk
Alena MatušíkováDMan FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 4138alena.matusikova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Misailidisová ĎurickáDSS FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITSlPK_0_14+421 37 641 4747zuzana.duricka [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Ľubomíra Moravcová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_501+421 37 641 4547lubomira.moravcova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Mgr. Ing. Danka Moravčíková, PhD.DSS FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.SlPK_0_14+421 37 641 4692danka.moravcikova [at] uniag.sk
Jana MoravčíkováCIT FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 4812jana.moravcikova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Serhiy Moroz, CSc.DL FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AE_5_504, AS_3_305+421 37 641 4159, +421 37 641 4543serhiy.moroz [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Anna Mravcová, PhD.DSS FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_13+421 37 641 4746anna.mravcova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ľudmila Nagyová, PhD.DMT FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_3_310+421 37 641 4102ludmila.nagyova [at] uniag.sk
Dimuth Hasantha Nambuge, PhD.DEP FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_0_05+421 37 641 5894dimuth.nambuge [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína Neomániová, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_306+421 37 641 4136katarina.neomaniova [at] uniag.sk
Jaroslav NerečaDOFEM FEMstrážnik / vrátnikAS_0_31a+421 37 641 4002jaroslav.nereca [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Peter Obtulovič, CSc.DSaOR FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_130+421 37 641 4123peter.obtulovic [at] uniag.sk
Mária OcelkováCREP FEMdekanát - centrum+421 37 641 5000maria.ocelkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Oláhová, PhD.CIT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_0_5+421 37 641 4882eva.olahova [at] uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Dana Országhová, CSc.DM FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_115+421 37 641 4181dana.orszaghova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Palkovič, PhD.DSaOR FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_126+421 37 641 4162jozef.palkovic [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Johana Paluchová, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_309+421 37 641 4145johana.paluchova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Eva Pechočiaková Svitačová, PhD.DSS FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_13+421 37 641 4897eva.svitacova [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Tomáš Pechočiak, PhD.DM FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_114+421 37 641 4186tomas.pechociak [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Miriam Pietriková, PhD.DSaOR FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_1_133+421 37 641 4153miriam.pietrikova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD.DEP FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_0_02+421 37 641 5892jan.pokrivcak [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Miroslav Poláček, PhD.CPPC FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_16+421 37 641 4895miroslav.polacek [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš PoláčikCIT FEModb. zamestnanec 3 - ITAS_0_4+421 37 641 4813tomas.polacik [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Zuzana Poláková, PhD.DSaOR FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_129+421 37 641 4122zuzana.polakova [at] uniag.sk
doc. PaedDr. Peter Polakovič, Ph.D.DI FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_217+421 37 641 4196peter.polakovic [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Vladimír Popelka, CSc.DI FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_216+421 37 641 4161vladimir.popelka [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Viktor Porhajaš, CSc.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_2+421 37 641 4571viktor.porhajas [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Peter Porubčan, CSc.DSS FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_12+421 37 641 4751peter.porubcan [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Viera Prídavková, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_506+421 37 641 4552viera.pridavkova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Artan Qineti, PhD.DEP FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_0_01+421 37 641 5893artan.qineti [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš Rábek, PhD.DF FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_312+421 37 641 4140tomas.rabek [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana RadolecováDEP FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAS_0_03+421 37 641 5895zuzana.radolecova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Miroslava Rajčániová, PhD.DEP FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_0_05+421 37 641 5894miroslava.rajcaniova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Roman Récky, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_305+421 37 641 4159roman.recky [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Repiský, CSc.DSaOR FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_1_124, AS_1_102+421 37 641 4150, +421 37 641 5123jozef.repisky [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martin Richter, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_10+421 37 641 4593martin.richter [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Richterová, PhD.DSaOR FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.eva.richterova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Patrik Rovný, PhD.FEM, DMT FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAS_1_105, AS_3_306+421 37 641 4136, +421 37 641 5123patrik.rovny [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. et Mgr. Jana Rybanská, PhD.DMT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_308+421 37 641 4171
doc. Ing. Radovan Savov, PhD.DMan FEM, FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAS_2_208+421 37 641 4168radovan.savov [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka SelešiováCIT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - ITAS_0_1+421 37 641 4881lenka.selesiova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Peter Serenčéš, PhD.DF FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_232+421 37 641 4834peter.serences [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Roman Serenčéš, PhD.DEP FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_0_01+421 37 641 5893roman.serences [at] uniag.sk
Jana SkovajsováDSaOR FEMupratovačkajana.skovajsova [at] uniag.sk
Beáta SmidováDMT FEMupratovačkaAS_1_145+421 37 641 4188beata.smidova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Zlata Sojková, CSc.DSaOR FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_1_122+421 37 641 4183zlata.sojkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Strápeková, PhD.DF FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_3_312+421 37 641 4140zuzana.strapekova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Stuchlý, PhD.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_234+421 37 641 4117peter.stuchly [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Tatiana Svetlanská, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_7+421 37 641 4577tatiana.svetlanska [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Mária Šajbidorová, PhD.DMan FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_201+421 37 641 4139maria.sajbidorova [at] uniag.sk
Erika ŠalátováDL FEMrektorát - adm.ost.pracoviskáAE_5_510+421 37 641 4541erika.salatova [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Tímea Šeben Zaťková, PhD.CPPC FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_17+421 37 641 4894timea.zatkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubica ŠemelákováCIT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - ITAS_0_7+421 37 641 4120lubica.semelakova [at] uniag.sk
Viera ŠevcechováDOFEM FEMtechnická zamestnankyňa prevádzkyviera.sevcechova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Erika ŠindlerováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_104+421 37 641 5170erika.sindlerova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Emília Škorecová, CSc.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_227+421 37 641 4197emilia.skorecova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Marián Tóth, PhD.DF FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AS_2_233+421 37 641 4164marian.toth [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Darina Tóthová, PhD.CIT FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_0_6A+421 37 641 4129darina.tothova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Natália Turčeková, PhD.FEM, DE FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAS_1_101, AE_7_7+421 37 641 4577, +421 37 641 5897natalia.turcekova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Iveta Ubrežiová, CSc.DMan FEMprofessor CSc./PhD.AS_2_203+421 37 641 4134iveta.ubreziova [at] uniag.sk
Jozef UjlakyCIT FEModb. zamestnanec 3 - ITAS_0_9+421 37 641 4817jozef.ujlaky [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Urbánová, PhD.DE FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_7_10+421 37 641 4593
Ing. Jana ValentováCIT FEModb. zamestnankyňa 3 - ITAS_0_1+421 37 641 4881jana.valentova [at] uniag.sk
Marta ValentováDOFEM FEMdekanát - centrumAS_1_108+421 37 641 5125marta.valentova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana Váryová, PhD.DA FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_228+421 37 641 4193ivana.varyova [at] uniag.sk
PaedDr. Silvia Virághová, PhD.CPPC FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.SlPK_0_17+421 37 641 4898silvia.viraghova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Roderik Virágh, PhD.DI FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AS_2_213+421 37 641 4132roderik.viragh [at] uniag.sk
PhDr. Jana Vrbová, PhD.DL FEMlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_5_507+421 37 641 4551jana.vrbova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Iveta Zentková, CSc.DE FEMassociate professor CSc./PhD.AE_7_3+421 37 641 4576iveta.zentkova [at] uniag.sk

External staff

Ing. Adriana AlsharabiováFEMexternal colleagueqalsharabiov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír BabrňákFEMexternal colleagueqbabrnak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Nina Baculíková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbaculikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lucia BahelkováFEMexternal colleagueqbahelkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin BalážiFEMexternal colleagueqbalazi [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petronela BalážováFEMexternal colleagueqbalazovap [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra Bálešová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueAS_3_318qbalesova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta BalintováFEMexternal colleagueqbalintova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Gabriela BalkováFEMexternal colleagueqbalkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek BallekFEMexternal colleagueqballek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oľga BaloghováFEMexternal colleagueqbaloghova [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Janka BalogováFEMexternal colleagueqbalogova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. JUDr. Anna Bandlerová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueFF_0_2/2+421 37 641 5715, +421 37 641 5077anna.bandlerova [at] uniag.sk
Mgr. Eva BebjakováFEMexternal colleagueqbebjakovae [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslava BebjakováFEMexternal colleagueqbebjakova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Věra Bečvářová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqbecvarova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan BednárikFEMexternal colleagueqbednarik [at] is.uniag.sk
JUDr. Jarmila BekováFEMexternal colleagueqbekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana BelenčíkováFEMexternal colleagueqbelencikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Igor BelešFEMexternal colleagueqbeles [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Helena BelianskáFEMexternal colleagueqbelianska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Belica, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbelica [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián BeneFEMexternal colleaguexbenem [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Rastislav Beňo, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbeno [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Norbert BetákFEMexternal colleagueqbetak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav BezákFEMexternal colleagueqbezak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Soňa BilikováFEMexternal colleagueqbilikova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ján Bitter, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbitter [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michaela BláhováFEMexternal colleagueqblahova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Erika BlesákováFEMexternal colleagueqblesakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Blcháč, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqblchac [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Viktória Bobáková, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqbobakova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ivana Boháčková, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqbohackova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal BohunčákFEMexternal colleagueqbohuncak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Kristína Bojňanská, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbojnanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Stefan BojnecDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqbojnec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján BoledovičFEMexternal colleagueqboledovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Božena BorkováFEMexternal colleagueqborkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Kamil BorošFEMexternal colleagueqboros [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián BorzaFEMexternal colleagueqborza [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavol Božek, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqbozek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Marian Božík, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbozik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana BožíkováFEMexternal colleagueqbozikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš BraunFEMexternal colleagueqbraun [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián BrnaFEMexternal colleagueqbrna [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Helena Brožová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqbrozova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marian BrunaiFEMexternal colleagueqbrunai [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan BrunckoFEMexternal colleagueqbruncko [at] is.uniag.sk
Mag Martin BuganFEMexternal colleagueqbugan [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Štefan Bugár, MBA, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbugar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ondrej Bulík, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqbulik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Bulla, PhD.FEMexternal colleaguexbullap [at] is.uniag.sk
JUDr. Ivana BuranskáFEMexternal colleagueqburanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Alina BurliaiFEMexternal colleagueqburliai [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana CaletkováFEMexternal colleagueqcaletkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Cehula, CSc.FEMexternal colleague804+421 37 641 4590cehula [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavel Ciaian, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqciaian [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav CibuľkaFEMexternal colleagueqcibulka [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Mgr. Gabriela CimbaľákováFEMexternal colleagueqcimbalakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária CingeľováFEMexternal colleagueqcingelova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eduard CiváňFEMexternal colleagueqcivan [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Lyle CookDE FEMexternal colleagueqcook [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Angelika CsankováFEMexternal colleagueqcsankova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ida CsefováFEMexternal colleagueqcsefova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Helena CsolleováFEMexternal colleagueqcsolleova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ema CvangováFEMexternal colleagueqcvangova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. PhDr. Ľudmila Čábyová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqcabyova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Viera ČekmeováFEMexternal colleagueqcekmeova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Žiga Čepar, PhD.DE FEMexternal colleagueqcepar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina ČerňanskáFEMexternal colleagueqcernanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ingrid ČervenáFEMexternal colleagueqcervena [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqcorejova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Čukan, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqcukan [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jaroslav Ďaďo, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdado [at] is.uniag.sk
Marta DankieniczDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqdankienicz [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ferdinand Daňo, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdano [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dagmar DávidováFEMexternal colleagueqdavidova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimíra DebnárováFEMexternal colleagueqdebnarova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra DohnalováFEMexternal colleagueqdohnalova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol DoležajFEMexternal colleagueqdolezaj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj Dominka, MBAFEMexternal colleagueqdominka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Valéria DorkováFEMexternal colleagueqdorkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Beáta DorociakováFEMexternal colleagueqdorociakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka DovalováFEMexternal colleagueqdovalova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Josef Drábek, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqdrabek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan Drabik, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdrabik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Mgr. Ing. Gabriela Dubcová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdubcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef DubovskýFEMexternal colleagueqdubovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marcela DuckáFEMexternal colleagueqducka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana DudonováFEMexternal colleagueqdudonova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oľga ĎuricováFEMexternal colleagueqdurisova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína DutkováFEMexternal colleagueqdutkova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Dvonč, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdvonc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek Dvořák, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdvorakm [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Milan Džupina, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqdzupina [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj Fabuš, PhD.CIT FEMexternal colleagueAS_0_10qfabus [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqfaltovaleit [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. PhDr. Eva Fandelová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqfandelova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Boris FarkašFEMexternal colleagueqfarkasb [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Boris FarkašFEMexternal colleagueqfarkas [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj FarkašFEMexternal colleagueqfarkasj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav FeketeFEMexternal colleagueqfeketej [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan FekiačFEMexternal colleagueqfekiac [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter FeranecFEMexternal colleagueqferanec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina FialováFEMexternal colleagueqfialova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin FidesFEMexternal colleagueqfides [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana FilipekováFEMexternal colleagueqfilipekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan Fillo, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqfillo [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Filo, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqfilo [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Daniela FilováFEMexternal colleagueqfilova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Viera FrantováFEMexternal colleagueqfrantova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Katarína Frühwaldová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqfruhwaldova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Daniela FüleováFEMexternal colleagueqfuleova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Rudolf GábrišFEMexternal colleagueqgabris [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav GajdošFEMexternal colleagueqgajdos [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária GalabováFEMexternal colleagueqgalabova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Gálik, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqgalik [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Hajnalka GálováFEMexternal colleagueqgalova [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Valentína GálováDL FEMexternal colleaguegalovav [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Roman GálFEMexternal colleagueqgal [at] is.uniag.sk
Damian GardzielDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqgardziel [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana Gecíková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqgecikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan GettaFEMexternal colleagueqgetta [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana GirmanováFEMexternal colleagueqgirmanova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Silvia GnypováFEMexternal colleagueqgnypova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Boris GogaFEMexternal colleagueqgoga [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. mpx. h.c. prof. Ing. Vladimír Gozora, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqgozora [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Dr. Ing. Libor GregaFEMexternal colleagueqgrega [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Miroslav Grznár, DrSc.FEMexternal colleagueqgrznar [at] is.uniag.sk
Monika GyorgyDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqgyorgy [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef HajdenFEMexternal colleagueqhajden [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Iveta HajkováFEMexternal colleagueqhajkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter HaníkFEMexternal colleagueqhanik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alexander HanuskaFEMexternal colleagueqhanuska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vojtech HarcsaFEMexternal colleagueqharcsa [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav HaringFEMexternal colleagueqharing [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva HaškováFEMexternal colleagueqhaskova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter HatalaFEMexternal colleagueqhatala [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Nina HaverováFEMexternal colleagueqhaverova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Havlíček, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqhavlicek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra HeiserováFEMexternal colleaguexbirdasova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Adriana HellenováFEMexternal colleagueqhellenova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír HičákDEP FEMexternal colleagueqhicak [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Štefan Hittmár, PhD.DOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqhittmar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter HlaváčikFEMexternal colleagueqhlavacik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva HlúšekováFEMexternal colleagueqhlusekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Hlušková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqhluskova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Branislav HomoľaFEMexternal colleagueqhomola [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Anna HornákováFEMexternal colleagueqhornakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter HosťanskýFEMexternal colleagueqhostansky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Gabriela HrabovskáFEMexternal colleagueqhrabovska [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Jan Hron, DrSc.FEMexternal colleagueqhron [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ján Hrubý, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqhruby [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek HrušovskýFEMexternal colleagueqhrusovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana HučkováFEMexternal colleagueqhuckova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Slávka HudecováFEMexternal colleagueqhudecova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Pavol HudecFEMexternal colleagueqhudec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Richard Hulík, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqhulik [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jaroslav Husár, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqhusarj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Timotej HusárFEMexternal colleagueqhusart [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef ChalányFEMexternal colleagueqchalany [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír ChlebecFEMexternal colleagueqchlebec [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Ing. František ChovanecFEMexternal colleagueqchovanec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav IvánekFEMexternal colleagueivanek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marta IvanováFEMexternal colleagueqivanova [at] is.uniag.sk
William JACOBSFEMexternal colleagueqjacobs [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Andrej Jahnátek, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqjahnatek [at] is.uniag.sk
Bc. Miroslav Jahoda, MBAFEMexternal colleagueqjahoda [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Veronika JamrichováFEMexternal colleagueqjamrichova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Michaela JančíchováFEMexternal colleagueqjancichova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján JaníčekFEMexternal colleagueqjanicek [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Anna JaníčkováFEMexternal colleagueqjanikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana JankechováFEMexternal colleagueqjankechova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jarmila JanoškováFEMexternal colleagueqjanoskova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Viliam JánošFEMexternal colleagueqjanos [at] is.uniag.sk
Natalia JedrzejewskaDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqjedrzejewsk [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan JežíkFEMexternal colleagueqjezik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Benčík JozefFEMexternal colleagueqjozef [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana JurčováFEMexternal colleagueqjurcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek JuríkFEMexternal colleagueqjurik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol JurkovičFEMexternal colleagueqjurkovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Ladislav Kabát, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqkabat [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka KabátováFEMexternal colleagueqkabatova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír KajanFEMexternal colleagueqkajan [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Gyorgyi Kapusta, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqkapusta [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubica KapustováFEMexternal colleagueqkapustova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oľga KarvackáFEMexternal colleagueqkarvacka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľudmila KelemenováFEMexternal colleagueqkelemenova [at] is.uniag.sk
Sergei KharinFEMexternal colleagueqkharin [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Lenka KimFEMexternal colleagueqkim [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Tomáš Klieštik, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqkliestik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Anna KlimantováFEMexternal colleagueqklimantova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zdenka KlimekováFEMexternal colleagueqklimekova [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Renata Klufová, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqklufova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Karol KnížatFEMexternal colleagueqknizat [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj KochanFEMexternal colleagueqkochan [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislav KolinekFEMexternal colleagueqkolinek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vincent KonturaFEMexternal colleagueqkontura [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína KoprdováFEMexternal colleagueqkoprdova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana KorcováFEM, DI FEMexternal colleagueAS_2_214+421 37 641 4172korcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián Košč, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqkosc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislav Kotes, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqkotes [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alexander KováčFEMexternal colleagueqkovaca [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra KováčikováFEMexternal colleagueqkovacikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alena KováčováFEMexternal colleagueqkovacova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína KováčováFEMexternal colleagueqkovacovak [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Katarína Kozáková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqkozakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. František KozarFEMexternal colleagueqkozar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva KozayováFEMexternal colleagueqkozayova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Dr inż. Andrzej KrasnodebskiDE FEMexternal colleagueqkrasnodebsk [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína KratochvílováFEMexternal colleagueqkratochvilo [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Veronika KremlFEMexternal colleagueqkreml [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Anton Kretter, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueAS_3_309+421 37 641 4145kretter [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana KristekováFEMexternal colleagueqkristekova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Anna Križanová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqkrizanova [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Slávka KrížováFEMexternal colleagueqkrizova [at] is.uniag.sk
Valéria KročkováFEMexternal colleaguekrockova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Valéria KrochtováFEMexternal colleagueqkrochtova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavel Krpálek, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqkrpalek [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr. Ing. Igor KršňákFEMexternal colleagueqkrsnak [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Lea Kubíčková, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqkubickova [at] is.uniag.sk
Drahomíra Kučírková, prom. fil., CSc.CPPC FEMexternal colleaguekucirkova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Dr hab. Karol KukułaFEMexternal colleagueqkukula [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomíra KulháňováFEMexternal colleagueqkulhanova [at] is.uniag.sk
Anna KulichováCPPC FEMexternal colleagueSlPK_0_17+421 37 641 4898kulichova [at] is.uniag.sk
Iveta KunováFEMexternal colleagueAE_4_410+421 37 641 4493iveta.kunova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. František Kuzma, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueAE_8_24+421 37 641 4578kuzma [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Viera Kuzmišinová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqkuzmisinova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Mária KuzmováFEMexternal colleagueqkuzmova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Elena KysuckáFEMexternal colleagueqkysucka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav KyžňanskýFEMexternal colleagueqkyzansky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter LabantFEMexternal colleagueqlabant [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Viera Labudová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqlabudova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva LacováFEMexternal colleagueqlacovae [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš LaurincFEMexternal colleagueqlaurinc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Daniel LeitmanFEMexternal colleagueqleitman [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter LencsésFEMexternal colleagueqlencses [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Dagmar Lesáková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqlesakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Dagmar LévayováFEMexternal colleagueqlevayova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Levický, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqlevicky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana LigačováFEMexternal colleagueqligacova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana LiptayováFEMexternal colleagueqliptayova [at] is.uniag.sk
Peter LiszkayDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqliszkay [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Igor LobodášFEMexternal colleagueqlobodas [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor LörincFEMexternal colleagueqlorinc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan ĽošťákFEMexternal colleagueqlostak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj LovasFEMexternal colleagueqlovas [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marcela LučanskáFEMexternal colleagueqlucanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor LukácsFEMexternal colleagueqlukacs [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan LukáčikFEMexternal colleagueqlukacik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor LukachFEMexternal colleagueqlukach [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj MacejkaFEMexternal colleagueqmacejka [at] is.uniag.sk
Aleksandra MackowskaDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqmackowska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miriam MacováFEMexternal colleagueqmacova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan MačákFEMexternal colleagueqmacak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina MagáthováFEMexternal colleagueqmagathova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana MajerčákováFEMexternal colleagueqmajercakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária MajerhofferováFEMexternal colleagueqmajerhoffer [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav MajerFEMexternal colleagueqmajer [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján MalárikFEMexternal colleagueqmalarik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana MališováFEMexternal colleagueqmalisova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eleonóra MalovcováFEMexternal colleagueqmalovcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter MaňákFEMexternal colleagueqmanak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Daniela MarcinčákováFEMexternal colleagueqmarcincakov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina MarčanováFEMexternal colleagueqmarcanova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Róbert MarenčákFEMexternal colleagueqmarencak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana MaršalkováFEMexternal colleagueqmarsalkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter MasnicaFEMexternal colleagueqmasnica [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana MaťašejeFEMexternal colleagueqmataseje [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miriam MatisováFEMexternal colleagueqmatisova [at] is.uniag.sk
Renata Matysik-PejasFEMexternal colleagueqmatysikpeja [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Zhang MengqiDL FEMexternal colleagueAE_5_508+421 37 641 4555qmengqi [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Gabriela MeraváFEMexternal colleagueqmerava [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alena MérésováFEMexternal colleagueqmasiarova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter MészárosFEMexternal colleagueqmeszaros [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef MeszárošFEMexternal colleagueqmeszarosj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián Meško, PhD.DMan FEMexternal colleagueqmesko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária MičkováFEMexternal colleagueqmickova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Bohuslava Mihalčová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqmihalcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Michaláková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqmichalakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Alena Michalcová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqmichalcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľuboš Miklošík, MBAFEMexternal colleagueqsvrbik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína MiklošováFEMexternal colleagueqmiklosovak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Melánia MiklóšováFEMexternal colleagueqmiklosova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Simona MikulášovičováFEMexternal colleagueqmikolasovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Matúš MinaričFEMexternal colleagueqminaric [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan MinárikFEMexternal colleagueqminarik [at] is.uniag.sk
JUDr. Ing. Janka MinárikováFEMexternal colleagueqminarikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef MišutaFEMexternal colleagueqmisuta [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľudmila Mižičková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqmizickova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dobruša MižurováFEMexternal colleagueqmizurova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marcel ModranskýFEMexternal colleagueqmodransky [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Viera MokrišováFEMexternal colleagueqmokrisova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin MoravecFEMexternal colleagueqmoravec [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Arnošt Motyčka, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqmotycka [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. PhDr. Mgr. Ing. Ladislav Mura, PhD.DMan FEMexternal colleagueqmura [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Mušák, PhD.DMT FEMexternal colleagueqmusak [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Alena MutňanskáFEMexternal colleagueqmutnanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Emilia MychlinskaDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqmychlinska [at] is.uniag.sk
Dilshod NabievFEMexternal colleagueqnabiev [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana NagyováFEMexternal colleagueqnagyova [at] is.uniag.sk
Bc. Anna NehézováCIT FEMexternal colleagueAS_0_10qnehezova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Norbert NemecFEMexternal colleagueqnemec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína Némethová, PhD.CPPC FEMexternal colleagueqengelova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Erika NosianováFEMexternal colleagueqnosianova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra NovosádováFEMexternal colleagueqnovosadova [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr. Dipl.-Bw. (FH) Klaus Oestringer, MBAFEMexternal colleagueqoestringer [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Olena Oliynyk, PhD.DF FEMexternal colleagueqoliynyk [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Richard OlšovskýFEMexternal colleagueqolsovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Tatiana ÖlveckáFEMexternal colleagueqolvecka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana OmastováFEMexternal colleagueqomastova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Marcel OndrušekFEMexternal colleagueqondrusek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Csilla OnodiováFEMexternal colleagueqonodiova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Andrej OravecFEMexternal colleagueqoravec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan OravecFEMexternal colleagueqoraveci [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Oremus, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqoremus [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián OrságFEMexternal colleagueqorsag [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav OsterFEMexternal colleagueqoster [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin PakanFEMexternal colleagueqpakan [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Patrik PalečekFEMexternal colleagueqpalecek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Terézia PapayováFEMexternal colleagueqpapayova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dana PaprancováFEMexternal colleagueqpaprancova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter PargáčFEMexternal colleagueqpargac [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľubomír Paška, PhD.DMan FEMexternal colleagueAS_2_205+421 37 641 4135paskal1 [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Lucia Paškrtová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqpaskrtova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Pataky, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqpataky [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Iveta Pauhofová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqpauhofova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján PaukoFEMexternal colleagueqpauko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína PaulišinováFEMexternal colleagueqpaulisinova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin Pelikán, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqpelikan [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Imrich PéteryFEMexternal colleagueqpetery [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. PhDr. Erich Petlák, CSc.CPPC FEMexternal colleagueqpetlak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ladislav PeťovskýFEMexternal colleagueqpetovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef PetrekFEMexternal colleagueqpetrek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alexandra PetríčkováFEMexternal colleagueqpetrickova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol PetríkFEMexternal colleagueqpetrikp [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan PetríkFEMexternal colleagueqpetrik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana PetrincováFEMexternal colleagueqpetrincova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan PikoFEMexternal colleagueqpiko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislava PintérováFEMexternal colleagueqpinterova [at] is.uniag.sk
Andrzej PisulewskiFEMexternal colleagueqpisulewski [at] is.uniag.sk
Piotr PlatosDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqplatos [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Dr. Ing. Miroslav PlevnýFEMexternal colleagueqplevny [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Dana PóčikováFEMexternal colleagueqpocikova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Alojz Podolák, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqpodolak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marcel Polička, PhD.CPPC FEMexternal colleagueqpolicka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. František ProchászkaFEMexternal colleagueqprochaszka [at] is.uniag.sk
Orsolya PszotaDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqpszota [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva RakovskáFEMexternal colleagueqrakovska [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Rašner, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqrasner [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka RebrováFEMexternal colleagueqrebrova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Edita RechtorisováFEMexternal colleagueqrechtorisov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter RepiskýFEMexternal colleagueqrepisky [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Igor Repka, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqrepka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína ReťkovskáFEMexternal colleagueqretkovska [at] is.uniag.sk
Viera RihovaDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqrihova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Marian RizovFEMexternal colleagueqrizov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav RobynekFEMexternal colleagueqrobynek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqrolinek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Anita Romanová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvanovaa [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Fred RuppelDE FEMexternal colleagueqruppelf [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Rudolf Rybanský, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqrybansky [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jozef Sablik, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqsablik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter SekeraFEMexternal colleagueqsekera [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan SchmidtFEMexternal colleagueqschmidt [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lukáš SchönFEMexternal colleagueqschon [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Pavol Schwarcz, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueEM_3_37, AE_0_26+421 37 641 5608, +421 37 641 5748pavol.schwarcz [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Dáša SlezákováFEMexternal colleagueqslezakova [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Radovan SlobodníkFEMexternal colleagueqslobodnik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľuboš Smutka, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqsmutka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj SoboňaFEMexternal colleagueqsobona [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Dr hab. Janusz SobońFEMexternal colleagueqsobon [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jana Stávková, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqstavkova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavol Stehlo, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqstehlo [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lucia StejskalováFEMexternal colleagueqstejskalova [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Iveta Strážiková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqstrazikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef SupukaFEMexternal colleagueqsupuka [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Miroslav Svatoš, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqsvatos [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Libuše Svatošová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqsvatosova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Viera SvoradováFEMexternal colleagueqsvoradova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ľuboslav Szabo, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqszabo [at] is.uniag.sk
Monika SzafranskaFEMexternal colleagueqszafranska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana SzekeresováFEMexternal colleagueqszekeresova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Csaba SzitásFEMexternal colleagueqszitas [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor ŠafárFEMexternal colleagueqsafar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján ŠaligaFEMexternal colleagueqsaliga [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oliver ŠiatkovskýFEMexternal colleagueqsiatkovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Milan Šikula, DrSc.FEMexternal colleagueqsikula [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Dušan Šimo, CSc.FEMexternal colleaguesimo [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana ŠimonovičováFEMexternal colleagueqsimonovicov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana ŠimováFEMexternal colleagueqsimova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Peter ŠimšíkFEMexternal colleagueqsimsik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Daniel ŠkarbalaFEMexternal colleagueqskarbala [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária ŠkulecováCIT FEMexternal colleagueAS_0_7qskulecova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián ŠmachoFEMexternal colleagueqsmacho [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. František ŠmajdaFEMexternal colleagueqsmajda [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan ŠmatlákFEMexternal colleagueqsmatlak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina ŠmatlákováFEMexternal colleagueqsmatlakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef ŠnircFEMexternal colleagueqsnirc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana ŠpuntováFEMexternal colleagueqspuntova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mikuláš ŠrankoFEMexternal colleagueqsranko [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Róbert Štefko, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqstefko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Viera ŠtechováFEMexternal colleagueqstechova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan ŠterdasFEMexternal colleagueqsterdas [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Štomfaiová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqstomfaiova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír Študenc, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqstudenc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Silvia Šulterová, PhD.DMan FEMexternal colleagueqsulterova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Šumichrast, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqsumichrast [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián ŠupaFEMexternal colleagueqsupa [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Roman ŠustekFEMexternal colleagueqsustek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína ŠvajlenkováFEMexternal colleagueqsvajlenkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina ŠvecováFEMexternal colleagueqsvecova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Emília TeplanskáFEMexternal colleagueqteplanska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomír TichanskýFEMexternal colleagueqtichansky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta TisovskáFEMexternal colleagueqtisovska [at] is.uniag.sk
Bc. Filip TkáčDOFEM FEMexternal colleague
Ing. Vojtech Tĺčik, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqtlcik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Anna TomanováFEMexternal colleagueqtomanova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana TóthováFEMexternal colleagueqtothova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oľga TóthováFEMexternal colleagueqtothovao [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Ľudmila TrošokováDL FEMexternal colleagueAE_4_404+421 37 641 4510qtrosokova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dagmar TurečekováFEMexternal colleagueqturecekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eliška TušimováFEMexternal colleagueqtusimova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Amália UhliarováFEMexternal colleaguequhliarova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. František UrbanFEMexternal colleaguequrbanf [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Igor UrbanFEMexternal colleaguequrban [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ida Vajčnerová, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqvajcnerova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Pavol VakošFEMexternal colleagueqvakos [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Michal Valach, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvalach [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan VálekFEMexternal colleagueqvalek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj ValentaFEMexternal colleagueqvalenta [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta ValentíniováFEMexternal colleagueqvalentiniov [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Klaudia VaňkováFEMexternal colleagueqvankova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Anna Vaňová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvanova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav VargaFEMexternal colleagueqvargaj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marcel VargaFEMexternal colleagueqvarga [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Denisa VárhelyiováFEMexternal colleagueqvarhelyiova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek VaškoFEMexternal colleagueqvasko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Božena VavrováFEMexternal colleagueqvavrova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jaromír Veber, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqveber [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter VeľkýFEMexternal colleagueqvelky [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Michal Vicen, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvicen [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Margaréta Víghová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvighova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav VichrestFEMexternal colleagueqvichrest [at] is.uniag.sk
PhDr. Renáta VilímkováFEMexternal colleagueqvilimkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Vincúrová, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqvincurova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Karel Vinohradský, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqvinohradsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Júlia VirágováFEMexternal colleagueqviragova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jozef Višňovský, PhD.FEMexternal colleaguevisnovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juraj VodičkaFEMexternal colleagueqvodicka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan VozárFEMexternal colleagueqvozari [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martin VyoralFEMexternal colleagueqvyoral [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ladislav VysokýFEMexternal colleagueqvysoky [at] is.uniag.sk
Olga WalczakDOFEM FEMexternal colleagueqwalczak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. PhDr. Daniela WolfováDSS FEMexternal colleagueqwolfova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Su YangDL FEMexternal colleagueAE_5_508+421 37 641 4555qyang [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lívia ZahradničekováFEMexternal colleagueqzahradnicek [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Karol Zalai, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqzalai [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubica Zaťková, PhD.FEMexternal colleagueqzatkova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ivan Mojmír Zoborský, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqzoborsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav ŽákovičFEMexternal colleagueqzakovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Anna ŽembováFEMexternal colleagueqzembova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Dr. Jaka ŽgajnarFEMexternal colleagueqzgajnar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Branislav ŽidekFEMexternal colleagueqzidek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef ŽilčaiFEMexternal colleagueqzilcai [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Iva Živělová, CSc.FEMexternal colleagueqzivelova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavel Žufan, Ph.D.FEMexternal colleagueqzufan [at] is.uniag.sk