Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Jaroslav Andreji, PhD.DSB FAaFR, FAaFRdekanát - centrum, lecturer CSc.PhD.AT_2_11+421 37 641 4700jaroslav.andreji [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Henrieta Arpášová, PhD.DSB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_2_14+421 37 641 4314henrieta.arpasova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Babošová, PhD.KEaB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_2_6+421 37 641 4315maria.babosova [at] uniag.sk
Barbora BalkováDSS FAaFRupratovačkaAC_3_5+421 37 641 4498barbora.balkova [at] uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Tibor Baranec, CSc.KEaB FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_4_22+421 37 641 4450tibor.baranec [at] uniag.sk
Zuzana BéderováDVS FAaFRupratovačkaAP_0_13P+421 37 641 4698zuzana.bederova [at] uniag.sk
Andrea BenczováDAH FAaFRupratovačka+421 376 414 774andrea.benczova [at] uniag.sk
Peter BezákDCPGE FAaFRremeselníkAA_1_11+421 376 414 267peter.bezak [at] uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Daniel Bíro, PhD.DAN FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AT_4_12+421 37 641 4328daniel.biro [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Helena BojdováDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_6+421 37 641 5543helena.bojdova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Bokor, PhD.DPP FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_5_15+421 37 641 4256peter.bokor [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka Botyanszká, PhD.DPP FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.lenka.botyanszka [at] uniag.sk
Oľga BradáčováKEaB FAaFRupratovačkaAZ_4_28+421 37 641 4452olga.bradacova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Marián Brestič, CSc.DPP FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_5_4+421 37 641 4448marian.brestic [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jan Brindza, CSc.DGaPB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.BG_1_115+421 37 641 4787jan.brindza [at] uniag.sk
Martina BrštiakováKEaB FAaFRrektorát - adm.ost.pracoviskáAZ_2_4+421 37 641 4420martina.brstiakova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ondřej Bučko, PhD.DAH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_1_9+421 37 641 4802ondrej.bucko [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav Buday, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AA_1_12+421 37 641 4219miroslav.buday [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Bujko, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_1_4+421 37 641 4294jozef.bujko [at] uniag.sk
Marta BystrickáDACHaPN FAaFRremeselníkmarta.bystricka [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ľudovít Cagáň, CSc.DPP FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AA_5_16+421 37 641 4253ludovit.cagan [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Juraj Candrák, CSc.DGaABB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_1_11+421 37 641 4297juraj.candrak [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Eva Candráková, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_2_28+421 37 641 4224eva.candrakova [at] uniag.sk
Tatiana CandrákováDCPGE FAaFRremeselníkAA_1_13+421 376 414 860tatiana.candrakova [at] uniag.sk
Helena CsámpaiováDGaPB FAaFRupratovačkaAA_4_10a+421 37 641 4241helena.csampaiova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ivan Černý, PhD.FAaFR, DCPGE FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAA_1_5+421 37 641 4231ivan.cerny [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ondrej Debrecéni, CSc.DAH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_0_8+421 37 641 4805ondrej.debreceni [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Demjanová, PhD.DOFAaFR FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AE_0_11+421 37 641 5860eva.demjanova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana DemováDPP FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAA_5_19+421 37 641 4851ivana.demova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana DepešováDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_34+421 37 641 5496zuzana.depesova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Milan Dobiaš, PhD.DSB FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AT_2_17+421 37 641 4745milan.dobias [at] uniag.sk
Martin DrábekDSAaH FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITAA_0_8+421 37 641 4843martin.drabek [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ladislav Ducsay, Dr.DACHaPN FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AC_2_16+421 37 641 4385ladislav.ducsay [at] uniag.sk
Viera DuchoňováDHN FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_2_34+421 37 641 4880viera.duchonova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ľuba Ďurišová, PhD.KEaB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_4_30+421 37 641 4453luba.durisova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta DvončováDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_7+421 37 641 5485renata.dvoncova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavol Eliáš, PhD.KEaB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_4_31+421 37 641 4444pavol.elias1 [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Dávid Ernst, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_1_8+421 376 414 217david.ernst [at] uniag.sk
Eva FarmadinováDGaABB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_1_1+421 37 641 4329, +421 37 641 4336eva.farmadinova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína Fatrcová Šramková, PhD.DHN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_33+421 37 641 4324katarina.sramkova [at] uniag.sk
Anna FazekašováDVS FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAP_0_16Az+421 37 641 4601anna.fazekasova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana FerencováDPP FAaFRVŠ II.stupeň+421 37 641 4851jana.ferencova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martin Fik, PhD.DSB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_2_7+421 37 641 4717martin.fik [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Gábor, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_1_16+421 37 641 4295michal.gabor [at] uniag.sk
Daniela GalbaváDGaABB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_1_1+421 37 641 4329, +421 37 641 4336daniela.galbava [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Branislav Gálik, PhD.DAN FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_4_7+421 37 641 4331branislav.galik [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Gašparík, CSc.DSB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_2_12+421 37 641 4701jozef.gasparik [at] uniag.sk
Pavol GašparíkDVS FAaFRprevádzkový zamestnanecAP_0_24A+421 37 641 4500pavol.gasparik [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Kristína Gašparovič, PhD.DPP FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AA_5_10+421 37 641 4255kristina.gasparovic [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Gažarová, PhD.DHN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_40+421 37 641 4210martina.gazarova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Gažo, PhD.DGaPB FAaFR, FAaFRdekanát - centrum, lecturer CSc.PhD.AA_4_7+421 37 641 4245jan.gazo [at] uniag.sk
Iveta GeršiováDCPGE FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_1_6+421 37 641 4213iveta.gersiova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Romana GreguškováDPP FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAA_5_11+421 37 641 4254romana.greguskova [at] uniag.sk
Ilda GulkováDAH FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAZ_1_10+421 37 641 4414ilda.gulkova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Miroslav Habán, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_0_19+421 37 641 4204miroslav.haban [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Marta Habánová, PhD.DHN FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_2_31+421 37 641 4467marta.habanova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan HajduDGaPB FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITBG_0_003+421 37 641 4775stefan.hajdu [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Daniela HaladováDAN FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAT_5_32+421 37 641 4333daniela.haladova [at] uniag.sk
Friderika HallováDGaABB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_1_12+421 37 641 4298friderika.hallova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Marko Halo, PhD.DAH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_1_10+421 37 641 4279marko.halo [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Hanusová, PhD.DSB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_2_4+421 37 641 4704jana.hanusova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ondrej Hanušovský, PhD.DAN FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AT_4_10+421 37 641 4320ondrej.hanusovsky [at] uniag.sk
Mária HazdováDPP FAaFRupratovačkamaria.hazdova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Adriana Hlavinová, PhD.DPP FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AA_5_524+421 37 641 4041adriana.hlavinova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Svätoslav Hluchý, PhD.DVS FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AP_0_14A+421 37 641 4469svatoslav.hluchy [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef HomolaDVS FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAT_5_6+421 37 641 4506jozef.homola [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimíra Horčinová Sedláčková, PhD.IBCaB FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.BG_1_110+421 376 414 779vladimira.sedlackova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Michaela Horná, PhD.DAH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_1_3+421 376 414 872michaela.horna [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária HorvátováDSS FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAC_3_22+421 37 641 4498maria.horvatova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Hric, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_3_310+421 37 641 4265peter.hric [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Cyril Hrnčár, PhD.DSB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_2_5+421 37 641 4744cyril.hrncar [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Mária HrubáDCPGE FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_2_24+421 37 641 4215maria.hruba [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Kamil Hudec, PhD.DPP FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AE_0_5, AA_5_13+421 37 641 4250kamil.hudec [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Vlasta HudecováDPP FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem IT+421 37 641 4455vlasta.hudecova [at] uniag.sk
Štefánia ChlebecováDSB FAaFRupratovačkaAT_2_16+421 37 641 4707stefania.chlebecova [at] uniag.sk
MUDr. Peter Chlebo, PhD.DHN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_35+421 37 641 4883peter.chlebo [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Róbert Chlebo, PhD.DSB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_2_1+421 37 641 4318robert.chlebo [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Juraj Chlpík, PhD.DSS FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AC_3_13+421 37 641 4397juraj.chlpik [at] uniag.sk
Jozefína ChňapkováDAH FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAZ_1_1+421 37 641 4413jozefina.chnapkova [at] uniag.sk
Eva ChovancováDGaPB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITBG_0_005+421 37 641 4775eva.chovancova [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Ivan Ikrényi, CSc.KEaB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_4_24+421 37 641 4449ivan.ikrenyi [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan Imrich, PhD.DVS FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_5_5+421 37 641 4505ivan.imrich [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jana Ivanič Porhajašová, PhD.KEaB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_2_1+421 37 641 4470jana.porhajasova [at] uniag.sk
Viera JalakšováDAN FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAT_5_34+421 37 641 4365, +421 37 641 4419viera.jalaksova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martin Janíček, PhD.DAH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_1_7+421 376 414 417martin.janicek [at] uniag.sk
Oľga JanovičováDPP FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_5_12+421 37 641 4043olga.janovicova [at] uniag.sk
Iveta JedličkováDPP FAaFRupratovačkaAA_5_521iveta.jedlickova [at] uniag.sk
Lýdia JuhásováDCPGE FAaFRupratovačkaAA_3_312+421 37 641 4237lydia.juhasova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Mgr. Peter Juhás, PhD.DAH FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_0_11+421 37 641 4807peter.juhas [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Miroslav Juráček, PhD.DAN FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_4_9+421 37 641 4332miroslav.juracek [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš Kanka, PhD.DVS FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_5_7+421 37 641 4504tomas.kanka [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana KaršňákováKEaB FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAZ_4_20+421 37 641 4452jana.karsnakova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD.DGaABB FAaFR, FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAT_1_3+421 37 641 4292radovan.kasarda [at] uniag.sk
Tatiana KlimešováDSB FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAT_2_10+421 37 641 4317tatiana.klimesova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomír KobidaDSAaH FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAA_0_21+421 37 641 4830lubomir.kobida [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Renáta Kobidová, PhD.DSB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_2_8+421 37 641 4705renata.kobidova [at] uniag.sk
Jana KollárováDAH FAaFRupratovačkaAZ_1_2+421 376 414 414jana.kollarova [at] uniag.sk
Marta KollárováDACHaPN FAaFRso SŠ vzdelaním+421 37 641 4388marta.kollarova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Kopčeková, PhD.DHN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_32+421 37 641 4249jana.kopcekova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Joanna Korczyk-Szabó, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_0_115+421 37 641 4201joanna.korczyk-szabo [at] uniag.sk
Mária KotlárováDAN FAaFRupratovačkaAT_5_37+421 37 641 4333maria.kotlarova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Peter Kováčik, CSc.DACHaPN FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AC_2_18+421 37 641 4381peter.kovacik [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Beáta KováčováDGaPB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_4_10a+421 37 641 4241beata.kovacova [at] uniag.sk
Emília KováčováDGaABB FAaFRupratovačkaAT_1_1+421 37 641 4336emilia.kovacova [at] uniag.sk
Lenka KováčováDACHaPN FAaFRrektorát - adm.ost.pracoviskáAC_2_20+421 37 641 4387lenka.kovacova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marek Kovár, PhD.DPP FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_5_8+421 37 641 4440marek.kovar [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Kovár, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_3_307+421 37 641 4182peter.kovar [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eleonóra Krivosudská, PhD.DPP FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_5_6+421 37 641 4456eleonora.krivosudska [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav KunaKEaB FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAZ_2_10+421 37 641 4484jaroslav.kuna [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Magdaléna Lacko-Bartošová, CSc.DSAaH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AA_0_12+421 37 641 4205magdalena.lacko-bartosova [at] uniag.sk
Emil LaukoDSS FAaFRremeselníkAC_3_11+421 37 641 4477emil.lauko [at] uniag.sk
Marián LenčéšKEaB FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAZ_2_14+421 37 641 4485marian.lences [at] uniag.sk
Martina LigačováDHN FAaFRupratovačkamartina.ligacova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Milan Macák, Dr.DSAaH FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_0_14+421 37 641 4202milan.macak [at] uniag.sk
Eva MagátováKEaB FAaFRupratovačkaAZ_2_13+421 37 641 4436eva.magatova [at] uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Milan Margetín, PhD.DAH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_1_12+421 37 641 4418milan.margetin [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Beáta MartiškováDPP FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_5_20+421 37 641 4257beata.martiskova [at] uniag.sk
Aneta MikelováDCPGE FAaFRupratovačkaAA_1_20+421 376 414 221aneta.mikelova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marián Miko, CSc.DGaPB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_4_2+421 37 641 4228marian.miko [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Martina Miluchová, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_1_8+421 37 641 4290martina.miluchova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Slavomír Mindek, PhD.DVS FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AP_0_17A+421 37 641 4464slavomir.mindek [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Dominika Mlynáriková VysokáDPP FAaFRVŠ II.stupeň+421 37 641 4454dominika.vysoka [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Juraj Mlynek, CSc.DAH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_1_4+421 37 641 4410juraj.mlynek [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Mlyneková, PhD.DAH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_1_14+421 37 641 4804eva.mlynekova [at] uniag.sk
Mária MoravčíkováDAH FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAZ_1_5, BL_0_5+421 37 641 4773maria.moravcikova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Nina Moravčíková, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_1_10+421 37 641 4824nina.moravcikova [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Jana Mrázová, PhD.DHN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_22+421 37 641 4223jana.mrazova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Alica Navrátilová, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_1_6+421 37 641 4296alica.navratilova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Noskovič, CSc.KEaB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_2_5+421 37 641 4422jaroslav.noskovic [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ján Novák, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AA_3_306+421 37 641 4230jan.novak [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ivana NovotnáDAN FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_5_30+421 37 641 4337ivana.novotna [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Janka Nôžková, PhD.DGaPB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.BG_1_104+421 37 641 4778janka.nozkova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Katarína Olšovská, PhD.DPP FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_5_7+421 37 641 4442katarina.olsovska [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Peter Ondrišík, PhD.KEaB FAaFR, FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD., dekanát - centrumAE_0_35, AZ_2_3+421 37 641 5497, +421 37 641 4427peter.ondrisik [at] uniag.sk
Andrea OravcováDOFAaFR FAaFRupratovačkaandrea.oravcova [at] uniag.sk
Alexej OravecDGaPB FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITBG_0_003+421 37 641 4775alexej.oravec [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Vladimír Pačuta, CSc.DCPGE FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AA_2_23+421 37 641 4212vladimir.pacuta [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomíra PajtášováDSS FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAC_3_6+421 37 641 4399lubomira.pajtasova [at] uniag.sk
Marián PalkoDAN FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAT_5_30+421 37 641 4330marian.palko [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana PaštiakováDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_33+421 37 641 5498zuzana.pastiakova [at] uniag.sk
Eva PecháčováDSAaH FAaFRupratovačkaAA_0_1+421 37 641 4203eva.pechacova [at] uniag.sk
Darina PechováDACHaPN FAaFRso SŠ vzdelaním+421 37 641 4462darina.pechova [at] uniag.sk
Mária PeťovskáDVS FAaFRso SŠ vzdelanímAP_0_19P+421 37 641 4698maria.petovska [at] uniag.sk
RNDr. Kornélia Petrovičová, PhD.KEaB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AZ_2_8+421 376 414 424kornelia.petrovicova [at] uniag.sk
Jozef PolákDOFAaFR FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - ITAZ_0_7+421 37 641 5499
doc. Ing. Nora Polláková, PhD.DSS FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AC_3_19+421 37 641 4389nora.pollakova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Lenka PolyakováDAH FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAZ_1_8+421 37 641 4271lenka.polyakova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Richard Pospišil, Dr.DCPGE FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AA_1_4+421 37 641 4225richard.pospisil [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Pšenková, PhD.DVS FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AP_0_12A+421 37 641 4466martina.psenkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Margita RakovskáKEaB FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAZ_4_21+421 37 641 4889margita.rakovska [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marek Rašovský, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_2_26+421 376 414 220marek.rasovsky [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Katarína Ražná, PhD.DGaPB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_4_3+421 37 641 4240katarina.razna [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Radoslav RažnýDSAaH FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITAA_0_8+421 37 641 4843radoslav.razny [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Michal Rolinec, PhD.DAN FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AT_4_11+421 37 641 4326michal.rolinec [at] uniag.sk
Eva SabováDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_6+421 37 641 5543eva.sabova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marianna Schwarzová, PhD.DHN FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AA_2_30+421 37 641 4886marianna.schwarzova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Smatana, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_0_17+421 37 641 4200jozef.smatana [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Marta SolčanskáDOFAaFR FAaFRdekanát - centrumAE_0_5+421 37 641 5523marta.solcanska [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Strapáková, PhD.DGaABB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_1_9+421 37 641 4334eva.strapakova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Peter Strapák, PhD.DAH FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AZ_0_6+421 37 641 4806peter.strapak [at] uniag.sk
Dr. Oksana Sytar, PhD.DPP FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.ABT_1_2.27+421 37 641 4979oksana.sytar [at] uniag.sk
Jozef SzaboDAH FAaFRremeselník+421 376 414 774jozef.szabo [at] uniag.sk
Mário SzaboDCPGE FAaFRremeselníkAA_1_7+421 376 414 238mario.szabo [at] uniag.sk
Gabriela SzabóováDGaPB FAaFRupratovačkaBG_0_002+421 376 414 775gabriela.szaboova [at] uniag.sk
Alena SzalayováDVS FAaFRremeselníkAP_0_13P+421 37 641 4698alena.szalayova [at] uniag.sk
Ľudmila ŠimanskáDSS FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAC_3_20+421 37 641 4390ludmila.simanska [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Vladimír Šimanský, PhD.DSS FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AC_3_17+421 37 641 4398vladimir.simansky [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Milan Šimko, PhD.DAN FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AT_4_13+421 37 641 5517, +421 37 641 4808milan.simko [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jana ŠimkováIBCaB FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňBG_1_108+421 376 414 782jana.simkova [at] uniag.sk
Alena ŠindolárováDSB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_2_3+421 37 641 4702alena.sindolarova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Šmehýl, PhD.DSB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AT_2_9+421 37 641 4706peter.smehyl [at] uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Danka Šťastná, PhD.DVS FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AP_0_14P+421 37 641 4272danka.stastna [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Veronika Štefúnová, PhD.DGaPB FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_4_6+421 376 414 811veronika.stefunova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Vladimír Tančin, DrSc.DVS FAaFRprofessor DrSc.AP_0_13A+421 37 641 4461vladimir.tancin [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Gabriela TkáčováDCPGE FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAA_1_18+421 37 641 4855, +421 37 641 4266gabriela.tkacova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Erika Tobiašová, PhD.DSS FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AC_3_15+421 37 641 4394erika.tobiasova [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Róbert Toman, Dr.DVS FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AP_0_15A+421 37 641 4479robert.toman [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Monika Tóthová, PhD.DPP FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_5_14+421 37 641 4252monika.tothova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Peter Tóth, PhD.DPP FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_5_18+421 37 641 4251peter.toth [at] uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Anna Trakovická, CSc.DGaABB FAaFRprofessor CSc./PhD.AT_1_7+421 37 641 4285anna.trakovicka [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Štefan Týr, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_0_16+421 37 641 4842stefan.tyr [at] uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Jana Urminská, PhD.KEaB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_2_12+421 37 641 4423
Mária VailingováIBCaB FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_4_1, BG_1_102+421 37 641 4784, +421 37 641 4789maria.vailingova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ladislav Varga, PhD.DACHaPN FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AC_2_19+421 37 641 4380ladislav.varga [at] uniag.sk
Eulália VaškováDSAaH FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_0_13+421 37 641 4203eulalia.vaskova [at] uniag.sk
Vladimír VaškoDSB FAaFRodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITAT_2_2+421 37 641 4702vladimir.vasko [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Iveta VavríkováDAH FAaFRVŠ II.stupeňAZ_0_9+421 37 641 4801iveta.vavrikova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Klára Vavrišínová, CSc.DAH FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_0_10+421 37 641 4800klara.vavrisinova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Petra Verešová, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAA_3_302+421 37 641 4280petra.veresova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Andrea VlčkováDACHaPN FAaFRVŠ II.stupeň+421 37 641 4388andrea.vlckova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľuboš Vozár, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_3_305+421 37 641 4236lubos.vozar [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Alexandra Zapletalová, PhD.DACHaPN FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AC_2_17+421 37 641 4386alexandra.zapletalova [at] uniag.sk
Gabriela ZelinkováDAN FAaFRodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITAT_4_6+421 37 641 4323gabriela.zelinkova [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Žembery, PhD.DCPGE FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_1_3+421 37 641 4211jozef.zembery [at] uniag.sk
doc. PaedDr. Ing. Jana Žiarovská, PhD.DGaPB FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AA_4_4+421 37 641 4244jana.ziarovska [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Veronika Žitniak Čurná, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRlecturer CSc.PhD.AA_0_15+421 37 641 4841veronika.curna [at] uniag.sk
Ing. Július Žitný, CSc.DGaABB FAaFRVŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD.AT_1_17+421 37 641 4815julius.zitny [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Marek Živčák, PhD.DPP FAaFRassociate professor CSc./PhD.AZ_5_10+421 37 641 4821marek.zivcak [at] uniag.sk

External staff

Agata AdamskaFAaFRexternal colleagueqadamska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan ApolenFAaFRexternal colleagueqapolen [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter BaginFAaFRexternal colleagueqbagin [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MUDr. Emil Bakoš, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbakos [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Boris Baláž, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbalaz [at] is.uniag.sk
MUDr. Ľubomír Barák, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbarak [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Petr Baranyk, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbaranyk [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Miloš Barták, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbartak [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marek Barta, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbarta [at] is.uniag.sk
Simon BavecFAaFRexternal colleagueqbavec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislav Becík, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbecik [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Dr hab. Marek BednarczykFAaFRexternal colleagueqbednarczyk [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Benčíková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbencikova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Milan Bežo, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueAA_4_5+421 37 641 4242bezo [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Jozef Bíreš, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbires [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marián BiskupičFAaFRexternal colleaguexbiskupic [at] is.uniag.sk
Florina BlajFAaFRexternal colleagueqblaj [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Roman BlehaFAaFRexternal colleagueqbleha [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Branislav Bobček, CSc.DAH FAaFRexternal colleagueAZ_1_6+421 37 641 4415bobcek [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Milan Bolvanský, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbolvansky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomír Botto, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbotto [at] is.uniag.sk
JUDr. Ján BradáčFAaFRexternal colleagueqbradac [at] is.uniag.sk
Nina BrachFAaFRexternal colleagueqbrach [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Matej Brestenský, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbrestenskym [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vojtech Brestenský, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbrestensky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Brezovský, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbrezovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jan Brouček, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbroucek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MUDr. Miroslav Brozman, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbrozman [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Eduard Bublinec, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbublinec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Bučko, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqbucko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Bugošová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrepkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Rastislav Bušo, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleaguebuso [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petra CupperováFAaFRexternal colleagueqcupperova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol CzakoDSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqczako [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Andrea Čerevková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqcerevkova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Bohuslav Čermák, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqcermak [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Jaroslav Černý, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqcerny [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jindřich Čítek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqcitek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslava ČopíkováFAaFRexternal colleagueqgalisova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Daniška, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdaniska [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Mária Demeterová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdemeterova [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Ľubica Ditmarová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqditmarova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Pavel Dlapa, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdlapa [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor DobiašFAaFRexternal colleagueqdobias [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Radek Doležel, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdolezel [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jarmila Dúbravská, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdubravska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Eva Ďurková, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdurkova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Petr Dvořák, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqdvorak [at] is.uniag.sk
Dina Elisovetcaia, PhD.IBCaB FAaFRexternal colleagueqelisovetcai [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan Engel, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqengel [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Rachelová EvaFAaFRexternal colleagueqeva [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Marián Fabiš, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqfabis [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Andrej Fábri, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqfabri [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Dr. Ing. Eloy FernándezFAaFRexternal colleagueqfernandez [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír Foltys, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqfoltys [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ján Frelich, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqfrelich [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Gabriela, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgabriela [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Alena Gajdošová, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgajdosova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Garlík, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleaguegarlik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislav GéciFAaFRexternal colleagueqgeci [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Andrea Golisová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgolisova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľubomír Gonda, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgonda [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. František GráczFAaFRexternal colleagueqgracz [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Juraj Gregor, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgregor [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Daniel Gruľa, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgrula [at] is.uniag.sk
Beata GrygierzecFAaFRexternal colleagueqgrygierzec [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol GúgľavaFAaFRexternal colleagueqguglava [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján GulasFAaFRexternal colleagueqgulas [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Daniel Gunár, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgunar [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Erika Gyöngyová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqgyongyova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Kálmán GyurickýFAaFRexternal colleagueqgyuricky [at] is.uniag.sk
Edita HallováFAaFRexternal colleagueAE_0_7+421 37 641 5485hallovae [at] is.uniag.sk
Madara HartmaneFAaFRexternal colleagueqhartmane [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Roman Hašana, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhasana [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol Hauptvogel, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhauptvogel [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Havlik, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhavlik [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Alžbeta Hegedűsová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueBz_1_24+421 37 641 4712alzbeta.hegedusova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Heger, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueheger [at] is.uniag.sk
Jiří HellerFAaFRexternal colleagueqheller [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef HerzFAaFRexternal colleagueqherz [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ladislav Hetényi, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhetenyi [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Jaroslav Hlušek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhlusekj [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Beáta Holečková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqholeckova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Rudolf Holúbek, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueAA_3_308+421 37 641 4235qholubek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter HorňáčekFAaFRexternal colleagueqhornacek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Erika Horniaková, CSc.DAN FAaFRexternal colleaguehorniakova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Horný, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhorny [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ara HovhannisyanFAaFRexternal colleagueqhovhannisya [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. František Hrabě, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhrabe [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Štefan Hraška, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhraska [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Juraj Hreško, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhresko [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Pavel Hrubík, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleaguehrubik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Huba, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhuba [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Húska, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhuska [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jozef Huszár, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqhuszarj [at] is.uniag.sk
Gabriela HvizdováFAaFRexternal colleagueAE_4_408+421 37 641 4483gabriela.hvizdova [at] uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ľudmila Chmelničná, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqchmelnicna [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Mária Chrenková, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqchrenekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan ChudýFAaFRexternal colleagueqchudy [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Afrodita IbushoskaFAaFRexternal colleagueqibushoska [at] is.uniag.sk
Evžena Imeskenova GavrilovnaDSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqimeskenovag [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján ImrovičFAaFRexternal colleagueqimrovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Ivan Išigenov ValerjevičDSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqisigenovval [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Viktoriia IvanusaFAaFRexternal colleagueqivanusa [at] is.uniag.sk
Magda JableckaFAaFRexternal colleagueqjablecka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stela Jendrišáková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqjendrisakov [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Iva Jiskrová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqjiskrova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Gabriela Juhásová, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqjuhasova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter JuhászFAaFRexternal colleagueqjuhasz [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Bohdan Juráni, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqjurani [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Rastislav Jurčík, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqjurcik [at] is.uniag.sk
Siiri JurgensteinFAaFRexternal colleagueqjurgenstein [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ondrej Kadlečík, CSc.DGaABB FAaFRexternal colleagueAT_1_2+421 37 641 4291kadlecik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MUDr. Igo Kajaba, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkajaba [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Kaštier, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkastier [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav Kavala, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkavala [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján KerestešFAaFRexternal colleagueqkerestes [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Katarína Kirchnerová, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkirchnerova [at] is.uniag.sk
Dmitrij Kirjanov, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkirjanov [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Jószef Kiss, Ph.D.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkiss [at] is.uniag.sk
Elena KlimovaFAaFRexternal colleagueyklimova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jaroslav Kmeť, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkmet [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jozef Kobza, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkobza [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Karol Kočík, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkocik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Milan Kodrík, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkodrik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alois Kohoutek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkohoutek [at] is.uniag.sk
Dariusz KokoszynskiFAaFRexternal colleagueqkokoszynski [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Kolníková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkolnikova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Kopecký, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueAT_2_14+421 37 641 4316kopecky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Kopernický, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkopernicky [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Andrej Kormuťák, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkormutak [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. PaedDr. Ján Koščo, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkosco [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Jana Kottferová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkottferova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Petr Koubek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkoubek [at] is.uniag.sk
Gabriella KovácsFAaFRexternal colleagueqkovacs [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Gabriel Kováč, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkovacg [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ladislav Kováč, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkovacl [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkovalcik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Ján Kraic, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkraic [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tibor Krajč, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkrajc [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Matej Krebs, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkrebs [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Rudolf Kropil, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkropil [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Alojz Kúbek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkubek [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Otakar Kúdela, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkudela [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Stanislav Kulich, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkulich [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Roman Kuna, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqkuna [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vincent LackoFAaFRexternal colleagueqlauko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alexander LakatošFAaFRexternal colleagueqlakatos [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav Langer, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqlanger [at] is.uniag.sk
Mario LešnikFAaFRexternal colleagueqlesnik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Lešo, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqleso [at] is.uniag.sk
Olga LikhachevaFAaFRexternal colleagueqlikhacheva [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Veronika Lizáková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleague+421 37 641 4890qvascakova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Tomáš Lošák, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqlosak [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Otto Ložek, CSc.DACHaPN FAaFRexternal colleagueAC_2_15+421 37 641 4383lozek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ivan Lukáčik, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqlukaciki [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Lucia Mačuhová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmacuhova [at] is.uniag.sk
MUDr. Daniel Magula, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmagula [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Dr. Guiseppe MaioranoFAaFRexternal colleagueqmaioranog [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomír Mališ, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmalis [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Ing. Michal Marek, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmarek [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Jana MargetínováFAaFRexternal colleagueqmargetinova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Miroslav Maršalek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmarsalek [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Monika Martiniaková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmartiniakov [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MUDr. Oto Masár, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmasar [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Elena Masarovičová, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmasarovicov [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Václav Matoušek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmatousek [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Stanislav MatulíkFAaFRexternal colleagueqmatulik [at] is.uniag.sk
Nadiia MatvieievaIBCaB FAaFRexternal colleagueqmatvieieva [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. PhDr. Martin Mellen, PhD.DAH FAaFRexternal colleague+421 37 641 4415qmellen [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. Vladimír Meluš, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmelus [at] is.uniag.sk
RNDr. František Mercel, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmercel [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan Mertin, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmertin [at] is.uniag.sk
Mariia MertvishchevaFAaFRexternal colleagueqmertvishche [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Roman MesiarikFAaFRexternal colleagueqmesiarik [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr. Ing. Gábor Mészáros, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmeszarosg [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Karol Mičieta, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmicieta [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Milan Michalec, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmichalec [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jan Mikulka, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmikulka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Michal Milerski, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmilerski [at] is.uniag.sk
Kinga MilewskaDSS FAaFRexternal colleagueqmilewska [at] is.uniag.sk
MUDr. Peter Minárik, PhD.DHN FAaFRexternal colleagueqminarikp [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Silvia Mindeková, Ph.D.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmindekova [at] is.uniag.sk
Marta MisiarzFAaFRexternal colleagueqmisiarz [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Zuzana Mlyneková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmlynekova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Jan Moudrý, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqmoudry [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav MüllerFAaFRexternal colleagueqmuller [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Rudolf Nádaský, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqnadasky [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Soňa Nitrayová, PhD.DVS FAaFRexternal colleagueqnitrayova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. RNDr. Radoslav Omelka, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqomelka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ľubomír Ondruška, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqondruska [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Marta Oravcová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqoravcova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mária Ostrolucká, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqostrolucka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ján Paciga, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpaciga [at] is.uniag.sk
Anna PagáčováFAaFRexternal colleagueqpagacova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Patráš, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpatras [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Ivan Pavlík, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueAT_1_16+421 376 414 295qpavlik [at] is.uniag.sk
Andrey Pavlov, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpavlova [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Ivana Pekárová ChristensenFAaFRexternal colleagueqpekarovachr [at] is.uniag.sk
Cornelia PeretFAaFRexternal colleagueqperet [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavel Petránek, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpetranek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MUDr. Ján Plutinský, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueplutinsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter Polák, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleague+421 376 546 428polakp [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MUDr. Pavol Poliačik, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpoliacik [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Darina Pospíšilová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpospisilova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ján Praslička, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpraslicka [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Stanislav Procházka, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqprochazka [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Josef Pulkrabek, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqpulkrabek [at] is.uniag.sk
Katarzyna PuzynskaFAaFRexternal colleagueqpuzynska [at] is.uniag.sk
Stanislaw PuzynskiFAaFRexternal colleagueqpuzynski [at] is.uniag.sk
Yu QianFAaFRexternal colleagueqqian [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Rafajová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrafajova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Ján Rafay, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleague+421 37 641 4608rafay [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Dušan Rajský, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrajsky [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Stanislav Rapant, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrapant [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Slavomír ReľovskýFAaFRexternal colleagueqrelovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav Remža, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqremza [at] is.uniag.sk
Biljana Ristovska, MScFAaFRexternal colleagueqristovska [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Pavel Ryant, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqryant [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Štefan Ryba, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqryba [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Vladimír Řehořek, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrehorek [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Václav Řehout, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqrehout [at] is.uniag.sk
Svetlana SabaraikinaFAaFRexternal colleagueqsabaraikina [at] is.uniag.sk
Ilie SabouFAaFRexternal colleagueqsabou [at] is.uniag.sk
Kresimir Salajpal, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsalajpal [at] is.uniag.sk
Dr. Ahmed SalehFAaFRexternal colleagueqsaleh [at] is.uniag.sk
Mgr. Tetiana ShevtsovaFAaFRexternal colleagueqshvetsova [at] is.uniag.sk
Sergey Shchukin, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqshchukin [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Juliana Schlosserová, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqschlosserov [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Peter SchultzFAaFRexternal colleagueqschultz [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Siget, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsiget [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jiří Skládanka, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqskladanka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Oxana Skoková Habuštová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqskokovahabu [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš Sládeček, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueAT_2_6+421 37 641 4319qsladecek [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Slamečka, CSc.DSB FAaFRexternal colleagueqslamecka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Pavol SlamkaFAaFRexternal colleagueqslamka [at] is.uniag.sk
Katarzyna Solek PodwikaFAaFRexternal colleagueqsolekpodwik [at] is.uniag.sk
Vojtech SollárFAaFRexternal colleagueqsollar [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Luděk Stádník, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstadnik [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav Stanovský, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstanovsky [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Eva Straková, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstrakova [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ivan Stráňai, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstranai [at] is.uniag.sk
MUDr. Zuzana Straussová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstraussova [at] is.uniag.sk
Tomasz StrokFAaFRexternal colleagueqstrok [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Pavel Suchý, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsuchy [at] is.uniag.sk
Astghik SukiasyanFAaFRexternal colleagueqsukiasyan [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Miroslav SupicaFAaFRexternal colleagueqsupica [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Mgr. Andriy Synytsya, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsynytsya [at] is.uniag.sk
Karolina SzpyrkaFAaFRexternal colleagueqszpyrka [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Dr. Ing. Jaroslav ŠálkaFAaFRexternal colleagueqsalka [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Jiří Šantrůček, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsantrucek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Kristína Šimák-LíbalováFAaFRexternal colleagueqsimaklibalo [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír Šmajstrla, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsmajstrla [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Vladimír ŠmelkoFAaFRexternal colleagueqsmelko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Šnegoň, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsnegon [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Miloslav Šoch, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsoch [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Pavel Šťastný, CSc.DVS FAaFRexternal colleagueAP_0_17Ab+421 37 641 4471stastny [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Žák Štefan, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqstefan [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jaroslav ŠubjakFAaFRexternal colleagueqsubjak [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. PaedDr. Vladimír Šutka, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsutka [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Július ŠutýFAaFRexternal colleagueqsuty [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. RNDr. Miroslav Švec, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqsvecm [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Pavel Tlustoš, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqtlustos [at] is.uniag.sk
Lucyna TobojkoDSS FAaFRexternal colleagueqtobojko [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef TomaFAaFRexternal colleagueqtoma [at] is.uniag.sk
Alena Tomšik, MScFAaFRexternal colleagueqtomsik [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. MVDr. Juraj Toporčák, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqtoporcak [at] is.uniag.sk
Alexander Trufanov, PhD.DSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqtrufanov [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ivan Turianica, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueturianica [at] is.uniag.sk
PaedDr. Michal Uhrinčať, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleaguequhrincat [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Vladimír Vajda, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvajda [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. MVDr. Igor Valocký, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvalocky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jana Vargová, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvargova [at] is.uniag.sk
Silvestra VargováFAaFRexternal colleagueqvargovas [at] is.uniag.sk
Boglárka VásárhelyiFAaFRexternal colleagueqvasarhelyi [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Dušan Vašíček, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvasicek [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Tomáš Vereš, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqveres [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jindřich Vídenský, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvidensky [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Jozef Vidovič, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvidovic [at] is.uniag.sk
Maria VishnevskayaFAaFRexternal colleagueqvishnevskay [at] is.uniag.sk
Zsuzsanna VitkayFAaFRexternal colleagueqvitkay [at] is.uniag.sk
Šárka VlachováFAaFRexternal colleagueqvlachova [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ivan Vološčuk, DrSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvoloscuk [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Luboš Vostrý, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvostry [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Tibor VozárFAaFRexternal colleagueqvozart [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Martina Vršková, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqvrskova [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Mgr. Jaroslaw WaroszewskiDSAaH FAaFRexternal colleagueqwaroszewski [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Ján Weis, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueAT_2_1+421 37 641 4438weis [at] is.uniag.sk
Martyna WisniewskaDSS FAaFRexternal colleagueqwisniewska [at] is.uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Dávid Zapletal, PhD.FAaFRexternal colleagueqzapletal [at] is.uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Ladislav Zeman, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqzeman [at] is.uniag.sk
MVDr. Zdeněk Žert, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqzert [at] is.uniag.sk
Ing. Alžbeta Žofajová, CSc.FAaFRexternal colleagueqzofajova [at] is.uniag.sk