Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (FZKI) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Anna Báreková, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZP_0_1.25+421 37 641 5222anna.barekova [at]
Ing. Dagmar Dobiašová, PhD.odb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITZP_0_1.02+421 37 641 5214dagmar.dobiasova [at]
doc. Ing. Klaudia Halászová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.AE_2_203, ZP_0_1.06+421 37 641 5518, +421 37 641 5219klaudia.halaszova [at]
Ing. Jozef Halva, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZP_0_1.31+421 37 641 5223jozef.halva [at]
Ing. Marcel Kliment, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZP_0_1.30+421 37 641 5242marcel.kliment [at]
Ing. Ľubomír Konc, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZP_0_1.27+421 37 641 5213lubomir.konc [at]
doc. Ing. Lenka Lackóová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.TD_1_214, ZP_0_1.06+421 37 641 5415, +421 37 641 5219lenka.lackoova [at]
doc. Ing. Zlatica Muchová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.ZP_0_1.05+421 37 641 5216zlatica.muchova [at]
Ing. Karol Šinka, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZP_0_1.26+421 37 641 5251karol.sinka [at]
Milada ŠtancelováupratovačkaZP_0_1.04+421 37 641 5214milada.stancelova [at]
doc. Ing. Lucia Tátošová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.ZP_0_1.07+421 37 641 5221lucia.tatosova [at]