Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (FZKI) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Jarmila Adámekováupratovačka1.06+421 37 641 5234jarmila.adamekova [at]
doc. Ing. Viliam Bárek, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.ZM_1_2.08+421 37 641 5236viliam.barek [at]
Ing. Jakub Fuska, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZM_0_1.13+421 37 641 5218jakub.fuska [at]
Dana Gašparovičováodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITZM_1_2.16+421 37 641 5234, +421 37 641 5210dana.gasparovicova [at]
prof. Ing. Peter Halaj, CSc.professor CSc./PhD.ZM_1_2.06+421 37 641 5232peter.halaj [at]
doc. Ing. Ľuboš Jurík, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.ZM_1_2.07+421 37 641 5231lubos.jurik [at]
Ing. Tatiana Kaletová, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZM_1_2.11+421 37 641 5238tatiana.kaletova [at]
Ing. Beáta Novotná, PhD., Ing.-Paed.IGIPlecturer CSc.PhD.ZM_1_2.19+421 37 641 5230beata.novotna [at]
Ing. Jozefína Pokrývková, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.ZM_1_2.04+421 37 641 5228jozefina.pokryvkova [at]

External staff

Ing. Yvetta Velísková, PhD.external colleagueqveliskova [at]