Department of Vegetable Production (FZKI) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from software to process the personal administration. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


doc. Ing. Alena Andrejiová, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.Bz_0_14+421 37 641 4247alena.andrejiova [at]
Ing. Andrej Ferencodb. zamestnanec 3 - okrem ITBz_0_2+421 37 641 4262andrej.ferenc [at]
Vladimíra FroncováupratovačkaBz_0_12+421 37 641 4229vladimira.froncova [at]
Ing. Marcel Golian, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.Bz_0_4+421 37 641 4322marcel.golian [at]
prof. RNDr. Alžbeta Hegedűsová, PhD.professor CSc./PhD.Bz_1_24+421 37 641 4712alzbeta.hegedusova [at]
Anna Kanianskárektorát - adm.ost.pracoviskáBz_0_12+421 37 641 4229anna.kanianska [at]
Mária Letkováodb. zamestnankyňa 3 - okrem ITBz_0_5+421 37 641 4239maria.letkova [at]
Ing. Ivana Mezeyová, PhD.lecturer CSc.PhD.Bz_0_11+421 37 641 4243ivana.mezeyova [at]
doc. Ing. Miroslav Šlosár, PhD.associate professor CSc./PhD.Bz_0_13+421 37 641 4261miroslav.slosar [at]
prof. Ing. Magdaléna Valšíková-Frey, PhD.professor CSc./PhD.Bz_0_15+421 37 641 4226magdalena.valsikova-frey [at]

External staff

Sami Shehataexternal colleagueqshehata [at]