Synthetic biology - a modern strategy to improve the quality of animal spermatozoa

Supervisor: Ing. Eva Tvrdá, PhD.

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Project description:
The aims of the proposed project are intimately related to the essential needs for modern strategies and programs for the handling and preservation of animal ejaculates. This project was concieved with the aim to develop novel as well as to innovate currently available methods and protocols used for a more effective preservation of animal ejaculates at low temperatures. The project focuses on the improvement of the quality as well as the possibilities to preserve and freeze spermatozoa, and to ensure a post-cryopreservation semen sample of high quality in veterinary and breeding practice.
Kind of project:
General calls ()
Department:Department of Animal Physiology (FBFS), Department of Microbiology (FBFS), Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (FBFS), Department of Food Hygiene and Safety (FBFS)
Project identification:APVV-15-0544
Project status:
In progress
Project start date :01. 07. 2016
Project close date:
30. 06. 2020
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