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Supervisor: Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Peter Bielik, PhD.

Basic information

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Project description:
1. Improvement of quality and availability of professional education and training for staff employed in agritourist sector and newcomers/starters through development of non-degree courses 2. Strengthening of professional and pedagogical competences of educators in HE and society 3. Familiarizing of HEIs with potentials for agritourism in EU CAP and IPARD and improving skills to compete for IPARD funds 4. Preparation of Serbian HEIs for joining and implementing the EU charter and academic mobility schemes
Kind of project:
Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building in the field of higher education ()
Department of Economics (FEM)
Project status:In progress
Project start date :
15. 10. 2017
Project close date:
14. 10. 2020
Number of workers in the project:6
Number of official workers in the project:0