Strengthening Agroecosystem Resilience: Hydropedological and Biohydrological Aspects

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Ján Gaduš, PhD.

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The following table shows details about research workers on the project "Strengthening Agroecosystem Resilience: Hydropedological and Biohydrological Aspects".

A list of all workers participating in the project

The following table contains a list of all research workers co-oprating on the project.

prof. Ing. Ján Gaduš, PhD.DRBE FESRD, ext CVOZE TF+421 37 641 4620Q-gar_0_5
Ing. Valéria MagáthováDFESRD FESRD+421 37 641 5748AE_0_25
Ing. Lenka BelákováFESRD D-EM [unsucc. finished]+421 376 414 724Q-gar_0_4
Ing. Tomáš Giertl, PhD.DRBE FESRD+421 37 641 4622MQ_0_KRBE7
Mgr. Marián Kotrla, PhD.DRBE FESRD+421 37 641 5613MQ_0_KRBE7

Role:administrationmethodic executive officersolverassistantobserver