E-learning within profile subjects in Waste management module

Supervisor: Ing. Anna Báreková, PhD.

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Project description:Waste management is a dynamically evolving discipline frequently changed in legislation including new technologies into practice every year. For this reason, there is a need for constant updating of the study materials. The form of e-learning provides wide opportunity to solve this problem very flexible. The project is focused on creating and publishing on-line courses on three compulsory subjects taught in the Waste Management module within of the Landscape Engineering study program at FHLE SUA in Nitra. The aim of the project is to provide users / students with access to updated study materials, elaboration of assignments, semester papers, projects and testing their knowledge through the work in the e-learning environment.
Kind of project:KEGA (Kultúrna a edukačná grantová agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR)
Department:Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (FZKI)
Project identification:042SPU-4/2019
Project status:Rejected
Project start date :01. 01. 2019
Project close date:31. 12. 2021
Number of workers in the project:4
Number of official workers in the project:3

Official project workers

The following table shows the researcher workers who have been assigned official roles in a project.

OfficerOfficial roles
Ing. Anna Báreková, PhD.vedúci projektu
doc. Ing. Klaudia Halászová, PhD.riešiteľ projektu
doc. Ing. Lenka Lackóová, PhD.zástupca vedúceho projektu