Pollution state of soils and food samples in Serbia and Slovakia – bioaccessibility fraction of elements and health risk assessment

Supervisor: Ing. Július Árvay, PhD.

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The estimation of the bioaccessibility fraction of elements from soil and food nowadays takes on a growing scientific interest, which is characterized by an increasing number of scientific publications in this field. Since inorganic pollutants are persistent and ubiquitous, it is important to determine their total content and the amount that can be released into the bloodstream of a human after exposure to the polluted soil and/or food samples. Analysis of soil and food samples on the content of potentially toxic and essential elements (EE) is of great significance and is usually used to assess their quality and safety.
Kind of project:Bilateral cooperation ()
Department:Department of Chemistry (FBFS)
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In progress
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15. 02. 2019
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31. 12. 2019
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