Assessing and Changing Adults' Behaviour on Sustainable Consumption of Food

Supervisor: Dr.h.c. prof. Dr. Ing. Elena Horská

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Project description:Project SUSCOF follows the project FOODCOST. The vision of the proposed project is to offer an effective, detailed, branded new index (SCOFI) to reveal the consumption patterns of adults in order to prevent/decrease over-consumption. Similar to the aforementioned projects of European Union, the project aims to: 1- decrease the unnecessary consumption of food, 2- change the food consumption behaviours of adults, 3- improve consciousness to use unconsumed foods in different ways, 4- getting adults adopt the habit of balanced nutrition, 5- beware adults about the carbon prints of foods consumed,
Kind of project:
Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships ()
Dean's Office of the FEM (FEM)
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In progress
Project start date :
01. 09. 2018
Project close date:
31. 08. 2021
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