Use of grape varieties (Vitis vinifera) with a high antioxidant content in chickens

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Peter Haščík, PhD.

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Project description:Effect of application of grape pomace and grape seeds extracts at various levels through the feed mixture in diet of broiler chickens on: - - Changes in biochemical and haematological profile of blood and blood serum after slaughter - Meat performance of broiler chickens at the end of fattening period and after carcass processing - Post mortem changes of the breast and thigh muscle of chickens during ageing process - Colonisation of selected groups of microorganisms - Oxidative stability of chicken meat - Technological, nutritional and sensory quality of chicken meat
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Department of Technology and Quality of Animal Products (FBFS)
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Project start date :
01. 01. 2018
Project close date:
31. 12. 2021
Number of workers in the project:12
Number of official workers in the project:0