Integrated methodologies for the risk assessment of mycotoxin mixtures in food and feed

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Adriana Kolesárová, PhD.

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To our knowledge, measuring food safety is limited to company level in order to evaluate food safety management system performances, and has not been applied to the complete food chain at country level. The final objective of the project is to detect and report to the scientific community, companies and consumers with easy-to-use methods, the reliable innovative tools and protocols as barometer for evaluating the data sets on mycotoxin mixtures gained by modern and innovative methods. Extensive literature searches (ELS) will provide toxicity data for single and combined mycotoxins in livestock and in food and feed. Summary statistics from each individual study will be computed in a structured database including toxicity endpoints for each species.
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Department:Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
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Project start date :01. 01. 2017
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31. 12. 2018
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