Attractiveness, quality control and accreditation of placements for students in Agriculture in Europe

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Zuzana Palková, PhD.

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Project description:The EC, the Dutch government and the Dutch Trade Board have the ambition to increase the number of graduating students with practical experiences abroad (in 2020 even 20%). This percentage is now about 1% and about 4% for agriculture (= 'green sector' which includes horticulture, landscaping, gardening, animal care and services, trade, floral design, outdoor life, nature & environment). Placements abroad improve social competencies: communication, respect for cultures and religions, language skills, flexibility, etc. and acceptance of foreign people. Dutch organisations as COLO, MKB-NL, MBO-Raad, and AOC Raad work on the improvement of quality of placements by accreditation, mutual recognition, competencies of mentors, and instruments to make it easier and more attractive for students to find a learning company abroad (placement). Partners also the transfer partner, have similar objectives and this cooperation aims to integrate information from different databanks from partners by an interface or (if an interface is not achievable) to build a new databank for European placements. The final aim is to improve the quality of placement enterprises, the information about these companies and so to improve the interest of students in the green sector to do a work placement abroad. The project stimulates the cooperation between organisations which manage databanks with placement enterprises, we discuss and agree on criteria for assessment, to increase the number of qualified companies by registering and by offering coach training and to give users access through a special interface that connects these databanks (preferred above building a new one). Consortium: 10 partners from 6 countries: the Netherlands Association of Agricultural VET Colleges (AOC Raad), applicant, with AOC Oost and Friesland for cooperation); Aequor, the NL branch organisation that manage the NL databank for placement companies in the green sector; EEP, experienced in coordination of European projects; the German Ministerium für Landwirtschaft transfers its experience and knowledge about management of their databank. Partners and colleges from HU (Vacimeza), IT (VEB), TR (and Üsküdar college and IARTC), NL (AOC-Raad) and DE (LEB and Stadt Roda college) will test and apply the (draft) products. Europea International representing over hundred agricultural colleges (over 900 members) in Europe, disseminates the outcomes to the members. Outcomes: quality criteria (as basis for exams, IPVB), interface cooperative EU databank (placement enterprises), certified enterprises for placements in the green sector, and a program to train coaches of placement enterprises (qualification). Impact: this stimulates interest and cooperation, exchange of experiences of students, improves the attitude of students (respect and tolerance) their language skills, flexibility and their adaptability in European countries.
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Leonardo da Vinci ()
Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics (TF)
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Project status:Completed
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01. 10. 2010
Project close date:31. 01. 2013
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