The conceptual modernization of content and methodic support for courses in higher education for teachers of technical universities

Supervisor: PaedDr. Tímea Šeben Zaťková, PhD.

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Nowadays there are very few educational researches conducted in the field of higher education and also the theoretical discipline - pedagogy of higher education has inadequate response in the academic field of our higher education institutions. It is generally believed that high schools are the top-level institutions in the educational systems, but constantly there exist criticism concerning the unequal levels of education quality and the overall quality of teaching process in these institutions. It is difficult to recommend general pedagogical principles, strategies and methods in a variety of learning situations that have a different character at higher levels than at lower levels of education and therefore there is an urgent need to develop pedagogy of higher education.
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Centre of Education and Psychological Counseling (FEM)
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07. 04. 2013
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15. 01. 2016
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