Animal Welfare Research in an enlarged Europe

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Štefan Mihina, PhD.

Basic information

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Project description:
The goal of AWARE is to promote integration and increase the impact of European research on farm animal welfare (FAW). It will do so through the development of Europe-wide networks of scientists, lecturers and students, and by establishing a network of stakeholders active in FAW knowledge transfer and implementation. AWARE actions will be organised in 3 mutually supportive Work Packages: 1. Research, 2. Education and 3. Awareness and Implementation. All 3 Work Packages proceed in 4 steps: 1. Mapping, 2. Establishing networks, 3. Improving skills and 4. Developing strategies for ongoing integration. AWARE will increase the European research capacity in FAW activities, through integrating the underutilized human and knowledge potential in the new and candidate countries.
Kind of project:
FP7 ()
Department:Department of building equipment and technology safety (TF), Department of Animal Husbandry (FAaFR)
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Project status:
Project start date :
01. 03. 2011
Project close date:
28. 02. 2014
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