Detection of genetic variability by molecular markers

Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Zdenka Gálová, CSc.

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Project description:
The aim of this project is to analyze genetic polymorphism among collection of genetic resources of cereals. Molecular markers at polymorphism of proteins and DNA will be used for identification, differentiation and characterization of genotype genetic variability and the dendrogram construction. Genes for plant height (Rht-B1, Rht-D1), vernalization genes (VRN), grain hardness genes called "Puroindolines" and photoperiodicity genes (PPD) will be detected. Based on the sizes of microsatellite alleles and isoenzymes spectrum genetic relationships among genotypes will be studied. Obtained results will be used for creating new genetic material with the required qualitative parameters.
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Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (FBFS)
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01. 01. 2013
Project close date:31. 12. 2015
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