Research and optimization of technology for the production of foods with added value

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Tatiana Bojňanská, CSc.

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Project description:
The aim of the present project is to research and seek opportunities for optimizing food production with added value for benefits of consumers' health. For such foods it is necessary to select appropriate raw materials and to develop procedures for their processing, which can as far as possible ensure the preservation of biologically active substances, and prevent formation of undesirable products. The project has the ambition to capture the entire process of food with an added value production starting with appropriate raw materials, optimization methods of processing, followed by an assessment of their quality and health effects on consumers, as well as the optimal mode of storage, potentially extending their durability.
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Department of Technology and Quality of Plant Products (FBFS)
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01. 07. 2015
Project close date:
30. 06. 2019
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