Internationalization of new doctoral study programme in English "Food Resources and Biotechnology"

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Adriana Kolesárová, PhD.

Basic information

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Project description:
The aim of the project is to internationalize study programme in Englich language through foreign partners from Poland, Spain, Italy and the USA by creating of concept of teaching materials, incorporating innovative ideas and co-organizing workshops and training schools at the AgroBioTech SPU research center in Nitra but also at partner foreign institutions. The result will be creating of conclusions and recommendations for preparation of highly specific learning material focused on food resources and biotechnology and the possibility of linking theoretical knowledge with practice by applying innovative methodological procedures using research infrastructure at FBFS, FAFR, and Research Center Agrobiotech, the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and international institutions.
Kind of project:
Department of Animal Physiology (FBFS)
Project identification:
Project status:
Project start date :01. 01. 2020
Project close date:
31. 12. 2022
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