Rural tourism and cultural history network in Danube region

Supervisor: prof. JUDr. Eleonóra Marišová, PhD.

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Project description:This project is focused to increase interest in history, regional, cultural and technological development as it is currently seen among people of various age, education and occupation . Many important monuments fit into oblivion and these show the capabilities of our ancestors. In addition to the general knowledge of history of people, they should have available information on locations in the Danube region, which can be visited within rural tourism, not only in their own country but also in neighboring countries. Danube strategy provides excellent space for cooperation to develop cross-border relations and cultural heritage tourism.
Kind of project:Granty nadácií ()
Department:Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development
Project status:Rejected
Project start date :01. 09. 2015
Project close date:31. 08. 2016
Number of workers in the project:4
Number of official workers in the project:0